Old Dutch Beard

Old Dutch Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Old Dutch Beard Shape

Here are some simple steps to get you started on this timeless classic :

1. Grow Out A Full Beard

To begin growing out a traditional old dutch beard style, you will first need to grow a full beard. The power of the old dutch comes from how massive and powerful this look can be. Some people can pull off shorter beard lengths. However, you will need a good amount of facial hair to make it look how it should.

2. Nurture With Professional Products

One important thing to remember when growing old dutch style beards is that they're usually kept up very well and uniform. That means ensuring you get the most out of this chin beard by using the right products to moisturize, shape, and define the look you're going for.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect old dutch beard:

3. Shave The Mustache

It wouldn't be an old dutch style beard if you left that unruly mustache! As the beard grows, you can start shaving off those upper lip hairs and see this magnificent technique come to life.

4. Keep It Styled

From here, it's just a matter of maintaining your ever-growing chin facial hairs while cutting back on your mustache facial hairs. You’ll also want some clean lines to complete the look. The Wild Willies Fuel Your Beard Kit includes everything you need to shape up those unruly hairs and deliver the sharp look you’re going for. The included supplements and serums will promote hair growth to get a nice full beard. Then you can use the beard brush to keep the beard looking neat and well-groomed. Finally, use the included shaping tool to create a nice, even line for your cheeks, just like LeBron!

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