Power Beard

Power Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Power Beard Shape

A power beard is long, full, and well-groomed. Follow these steps to get a great power beard.

1. Focus on length and thickness.

The power beard is a commitment. It should be somewhere from 4-6 inches long, which for most men, takes about 6 months to grow out. Especially if you’re starting from a clean-shaven face, invest in some growth products like growth supplements, which will promote growth and increase thickness.

2. Keep it trimmed along the edges.

You don’t get to completely ignore your grooming for 6 months while your beard grows out. You’ll need to keep it trimmed up and uniform, which means shaving the hair along your neckline and directly below your cheekbones. A safety razor will give you clean edges and a close shave.

3. Keep your facial hair soft and smooth while it grows.

As your beard grows, you’ll want to keep your facial hair feeling soft and moisturized by washing your face daily with the right products. Use a beard wash that contains high-quality ingredients and essential oils to lock in moisture and hydrate your beard. Then, follow up with a beard butter that will tame wild hairs and reduce coarseness. 

4. Style it daily. 

Style your beard daily using a beard brush or a beard straightener, if you have extra curly or coarse hair. Using either product, run it along the length of your beard to brush it out and give it a uniform, intentional look.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect [TYPE]:

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