Pure Goatee

Pure Goatee

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Pure Goatee

Growing a pure goatee is as easy as these steps, regardless of your face shape!

1. Grow The Foundation

This style requires you to grow a beard while skipping the mustache. If your hair growth is patchy or slow, we recommend trying some beard growth supplements to aid in this process by nourishing your body. Supplements like these have all-natural ingredients that have been proven to speed up your hair growth and thicken facial hair.

2. Give It a Shape

Once your foundation is sufficiently grown, it is time to start shaping the pure goatee. Using a grooming kit, mold the goatee into the shape you desire. Take the included beard-shaping tool in the grooming kit, hold it to your chin, and shave excess hair around your mouth following the contours of the tool. Make sure the length and width of the goatee are balanced on all sides. Generally, the pure goatee is at most two inches long to maintain a sharp look.

3. Keep Face and Beard Clean

Ensure you keep your goatee and the rest of your face clean throughout the process. A goatee is typically at its best when the rest of the face is clean. Beard shampoo and conditioner will prevent your goatee from getting oily and unmanageable.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect Pure Goatee:

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