Reed Beard

Reed Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Reed Beard Shape

If you’re ready to look like Mr. Fantastic himself, then check out these steps to grow this beard style:

1. Grow a large, long beard.

Begin by taking growth supplements to provide the vitamins and nutrients your hair needs to thrive. It may take some time, but continue growing your beard 4-8” long to get the effect you’re looking for here.

2. Create clean, smooth lines.

As you grow out your Reed beard, you need to keep the edges trimmed up to create clean, smooth lines. Use a beard shaping tool to ensure symmetry along the cheeks, and trim up any excess hairs with your trimmer to keep your desired length.

3. Brush daily and style.

You will also want to brush your beard daily with a proper beard brush. You could also use a beard straightener to get Reed Richards's style by straightening those beard hairs. Continue to style your beard hair as it grows by ensuring it has clean lines, sharp edges on the beard itself, and a long mustache to fall down over the chin hairs.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect Reed beard:

  • Progro Beard Shampoo: Keep your beard healthy and fresh using a shampoo designed specifically for facial hair.
  • Progro Beard Soft: Lock in moisture and hydrate your beard with essential oils that keep it shiny and feeling soft.
Beard Boost Serum: Inject those hair follicles with this serum designed to stimulate growth and nurture those manly hairs. Don’t worry; we’ve tested this in Mr. Fantastic’s laboratory, and it will supercharge your Reed beard.
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