Salt and Pepper Beard

Salt and Pepper Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Salt And Pepper Beard Shape

To grow a salt and pepper beard, you must be old enough for white hair to come in. Here are some steps to make it look good and maintain it.

1. Grow Out Your Peppered Beard

To begin, you will need to get some facial hair going. Start by letting your wisdom whiskers grow to a point where you’d like. It can be short and stubbly or long and bushy. Either way, you will need to be ok with the white hairs changing up your beard color. Some people find this even more attractive than a solid-colored beard.

2. Style The Beard And Mustache

Once your beard has grown, you will need to trim and style it. We recommend grabbing The Expert Grooming Kit, which has everything you need to cut, style, and shave your beard. Use the included razor and beard-shaping tool, along with a nice shave lube, to get clean lines. Hold the tool up to your cheeks, jawline, or neckline, and use the tool's edges to cut around. This will ensure you have straight lines or perfectly curved lines for your face.

3. Nurture And Maintain Your Beard

Finally, make sure that you are taking good care of your beard. That means using healthy beard products like shampoos, beard washes, and beard oils to promote hair that is soft, clean, and marvelous. You will want to wash your beard daily, and you can use the oil once or twice a day, depending on how you like. Continue to trim, cut, shave, and style your new salt and peppered beard, and have a fun night out on the town.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect salt and peppered beard:

  • The Expert Grooming Kit: Comes with a razor, beard-shaping tool, scissors, comb, brush, and more to get your beard looking its best.
  • Shave Lube: When shaving, you want a beard product designed to give you the smoothest shave around. This product does just that.
  • Beard Oil - Original: Beard oil keeps your beard feeling soft and moisturized so that it doesn’t become hard and brittle to the touch.
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