Sea Captain Beard

Sea Captain Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Sea Captain Beard Shape

Follow these steps and use the right tools along the way and you, too, can get this coveted retirement beard, maybe even before you retire!

1. Stimulate growth.

A sea captain's beard looks best when it’s long and accompanied by a full mustache. If your beard hair tends to grow slowly, you’re going to need to refrain from trimming it for a few months. In the meantime, you can take a beard growth supplement or use a growth serum that contains ingredients like biotin, vitamin E, vitamin B5, and vitamin A to speed up the growth process.

2. Maintain the sides.

Once your beard has grown out 1-2 inches, you’ll need to start trimming up the sides so you don’t end up with wings coming out of your cheeks. Use a shaping tool or place your fingers up against the sides of your face. Gently push the tool or your hand inward, and use your trimmer to remove the hair that peeks out. This will leave you with shorter, trimmed hair on the sides while the bottom part continues to grow longer.

3. Don’t trim the sides of your mustache.

As your hair begins to grow out, you’ll want to keep your mustache trimmed so the hair doesn’t grow over your lip, but you should let the sides go. A good sea captain’s beard starts with a mustache that grows down into the beard itself. Feel free to trim some flyaways and maintain the area above your upper lip, but let those sides get long.

4. Brush your beard and use beard butter daily.

With a beard this long, brushing it daily is a must. While you may be going for the “months at sea” (or just the “I’m retired”) look, you should still brush it to keep it from getting tangled. Use a brush with boar bristles that will guide your beard hairs downward when you brush. Then, follow up with a beard butter that will fight split ends and leave your beard hair feeling softer. Rub the beard butter in your hands and then massage it into your beard, starting at the root and moving downward.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect sea captain’s beard:

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