Tailored Beard

Tailored Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Tailored Beard

A well-done tailored beard can define your jawline and looks great on men with a square face shape. Follow these steps to grow and style a tailored beard.

1. Grow out your facial hair.

A tailored beard is in the short-to-medium category, so you’ll want to grow your hair out somewhere between 1-3 inches. This may take several months, but you can help speed up the process with right products. Add a growth supplement to your daily vitamin routine, and try using a beard serum that will strengthen your facial hair and promote strong, healthy growth.

2. Clean up the edges.

The secret to a great tailored beard is clean lines and edges. A shaping tool is your friend. Hold the curved part up against your cheek and use a safety razor to get a close, clean shave. You should also shave the area along your neckline to keep stubble away.

3. Keep it at a reasonable length.

Once you have some growth, you should maintain a reasonable length, keeping your beard no longer than 3 inches or so. You can use your trimmer along with the comb portion of the shaping tool to get a uniform, even trim throughout. If you prefer a bit of a longer beard, you may choose to get a closer shave around your cheeks and leave a bit more hair around your jaw and chin.

4. Hydrate your beard to keep it soft and tame.

A tailored beard is a well-kept beard, which means you don’t want brittle, scruffy hair. Use a beard shampoo when you wash your face. A shampoo specifically for your beard will cleanse your hair and skin without stripping away natural oils.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect tailored beard:

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