The Dali

The Dali

How to Grow and Maintain The Dali Mustache

The most important part of growing a Dali mustache is the product you use to style it. Follow these tips to imitate this famous look.

1. Grow out your mustache.

Start by growing out your mustache to at least the point where it starts to fall below your lipline. At this point, you can begin to “train” your mustache by using a comb and beard butter to style and pull the sides outward and slightly upward.

2. Start styling your mustache outward and upward.

After several months of growth, you’ll be able to split your mustache to either side and style the hair with a slight upward curl. As it gets longer, you may need to use beeswax to get the shape to stay.

3. Maintain the style.

To maintain this style, we recommend using a grooming kit that contains a comb, scissors, and a safety razor. You can use the scissors to trim the ends of your mustache and keep it at your desired length. Use the razor to keep the rest of your face clean-shaven and keep the focus on your mustache. Finally, you’ll want to use the comb daily to style your mustache.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get The Dali look:

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