The Monopoly Man

The Monopoly Man

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Monopoly Man Shape

The stylistic Monopoly Man mustache isn’t that difficult to make. Here are the steps it takes to grow your own Monopoly Man.

1. Grow A Thick Mustache

The first thing you need for a Monopoly Man is a thick mustache. Specifically, the area above your upper lip should be as thick as possible, extending fully from the top of your lips to the bottom of the nose. Daily beard growth supplements can help you if you have trouble growing a thick mustache.

2. Straightener The Hairs

Next, you should consider straightening the hairs of the mustache. This will give a final look a much cleaner shape and will make curling the ends easier. You can get a professional beard straightener at a reasonable price. Set the temperature for the length of your facial hair as described in the instructions, and slowly straighten the hair. Doing this may take a couple of times before they become tamed, but we guarantee you’ll be impressed with the look.

3. Trim And Style

Finally, you must trim and style the mustache to get the iconic Monopoly Man shape. Grab a grooming kit and use the accompanying comb and scissors to trim your beard. Let just enough hair through the comb you want to cut, and then use the scissors to trim those unwanted hairs. Once you have a nice, clean mustache, then you need to shape it. Apply beard butter balm with your thumb and index fingers, and lightly pull up the ends of the beard. Do this once or twice, and the mustache will take shape.

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