Winter Beard

Winter Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Winter Beard Shape

Growing a winter beard isn’t too difficult, but you will want to get started ahead of the season. Here are the steps to grow your own winter beard.

1. Grow Out a Big Beard and Start Soon

The first step to growing a winter beard is getting it as big as possible. Remember, these beards are designed to fill your entire face and neckline with lots of hair. Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, you must give ample time to let that beard get nice and thick. Start the process early, say in the summer, so you’ll be ready when winter does arrive.

2. Nurture the Growth with Supplements

As you grow out your winter beard, you need to make sure that you are providing it with the right nutrients and minerals it needs. Daily supplements give your facial hair the best chance of growing healthy and looking its best. You can also use a beard serum to thicken and enhance your beard even more.

3. Trim and Style Your Winter Beard 

Once your beard starts getting long, you must trim and style it to maintain a proper look. You can use scissors and a comb to trim your hair to a uniform length. The key here is to not chop off too much hair, or you’ll set yourself back timewise. You just want to get it down to an even length that looks nice. Use a beard-shaping tool and razor to shave along the cheek and bottom necklines. A beard straightener also works well because you’ll get a straight, styled beard as it grows.

4. Continue to Grow and Maintain

From here, you will just want to grow out and maintain your winter beard to the desired length you’re looking for. There is no set limit for length, but generally speaking, you will want it at least two inches for a nice full beard and no more than 6-8 inches long if you want to keep a traditional-looking winter beard. However, feel free to grow it as long as you’d like. As long as it covers your face from the snow, it’ll work.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect winter beard:

  • Beard Growth Supplements: Promotes a healthy, thick, and full beard.
  • The Expert Grooming Kit: Comes with everything you need to style your winter beard, including scissors for trimming, a razor and beard shaping tool for styling, and a brush and comb to maintain a consistent look.
  • Beard Straightener - v2.0: Straightens out curly and messy beard hairs in seconds.
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