Collection: Build Your Beard

Want Beard Growth Vitamins That Work?

Beard growth vitamins are a dime a dozen, but unfortunately, many of them don’t work. That shouldn’t be the case. After all, you spend your hard-earned money on beard growth products with the expectation that your beard will, you know, grow. Luckily, at Wild Willies, we’re not like the other companies on the market. We take our beard growth products seriously. From our beard growth supplements to our beard essentials kits, we’ve got what it takes to help your beard live its best life.

Our beard growth vitamins are formulated for maximum efficiency, but we never sacrifice quality in the process. We use ingredients that are natural and organic whenever possible, so you can rest assured that you’re treating your facial hair with care. And better yet, we produce our beard growth supplements right here in the USA. By taking just two Bad Ass Beard Growth capsules a day, you’re setting your beard up for success — in the most healthy and sustainable way possible.

Essential Beard Products

If you’re a guy with a beard, it’s said to say that there are a few essential beard products that are absolutely non-negotiable to include in your arsenal. One of which is, in fact, named The Arsenal. It doesn’t stop there, though. We live and breathe beards, but in reality, your arsenal should include not just the Arsenal, but an array of other essential beard products that we recommend.

When it comes to good beard care, the devil is in the details. Growing your beard is just one part of having a kickass beard. You must also focus on cleaning it, shaving it, and grooming it so your beard stays in tip-top shape. It may sound like a lot of work, but all of the best things in life take time and effort. (At least, that’s what our mom told us.)

Other Beard Growth Products From Wild Willies

Beyond our beard growth supplements, we’ve developed a variety of other beard growth essentials. These include our Beard Soft, our Beard Butter, our Beard Wash, and more. Each of the aforementioned products — and all of the other products we carry here at Wild Willies — were created with a specific purpose. For example, our Beard Soft will take your beard from feeling like a Brillo pad to feeling like a plush pillow. Our Beard Butter, in the meantime, reduces irritation, prevents beard dandruff, and conditions facial hair. And our Beard Wash cleans your beard with natural ingredients like essential oils — without using harsh chemicals that will strip away your skin’s precious sebum oil. Shall we continue on? Simply put, Wild Willies takes care of your beard like your beard has never been taken care of before.