5 Reasons


Your Beard is Dry, Itchy, and Unruly (and How to Make it Soft)

Scratchiness, dandruff and discomfort don’t have to be the price to pay in order to have the beard to end all beards. It’s pretty simple to fix, but you probably don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

Learn from these 5 steps and get a softer, bigger, and more manageable beard.


Your beard lacks moisture

When your beard isn’t hydrated, it can feel rough and uncomfortable. Guarantee she won’t be able to keep her hands away from your irresistibly soft beard by applying a high-quality beard oil after your shower. The best ones contain natural ingredients like hemp, castor, shea, grapeseed, or argan to lock-in moisture and nourish the skin underneath. 


It’s being washed and conditioned incorrectly

Some guys use face wash or harsh soap that strips their beard of the natural oils, which definitely makes it feel drier and itchier. Get a beard shampoo and conditioner that’s free of sulfates and has essential oils, caffeine, and biotin to push healthy new growth while keeping it softer than ever.


You aren’t styling it properly

Sleeping, the outdoors, and your hair’s texture can leave it knotted and matted. Your beard is supposed to bring confidence… not kill it. Use a heated straightening brush or a moisturizing balm to help to smooth it out, reduce frizz, and look great.


You need to groom it more often

Regular grooming is necessary for beard health. Tame it with a boar bristle brush because it will distribute oils along the hair, keeping it moisturized. Grooming scissors and a safety razor can remove dry ends, and tidy you up. These 2 simple steps will help reduce itchiness and make your beard look and feel fuller.


Everyday factors cause damage

Environmental factors like air quality, humidity, and sun exposure can harm your beard and make it look dull and dry. A couple simple products that wash, moisturize and style are all you really need to protect it. Throw in some regular grooming and you’re good to go. Now go get growing!

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