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The complete Kit for Full Beard Growth

The Derma Roller kit is the perfect kit for those who need a little help growing a full beard.

There's no shame if it gets a little patchy. We feel you!

This kit is everything you need to fight through your beard's stubbornness and will help that beautiful face mane show its full potential!

What is the deal with ...

Natural Ingredients whenever possible

No Chemicals, Preservatives & Colorants If Possible

Proudly Made In The USA


What People Are Saying

This is what our customers think.

Robert G Willard, OH

Verified buyer

"Excellent products. Since using the derma roller my beard has been getting Fuller. Thanks"

Jacob P

Verified buyer

"Can’t be beat! The price is incredible compared to the competition! The tote bag is gym worthy. Beard is already filling in my bald patches... I’m very pleased and highly recommend! (Going to try the supplements next)"

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How to use this product


Massage with the Derma Roller

For better results start your routine massaging with your Derma Roller.


Pick your Style

You have the tools to style your beard anyway you like it!


Groom like a Pro

Enjoy the perfect beard.


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From Those Who Chose To Stay Wild

I use it every morning

Bought this on a whim, I love it and it works great. Use it every morning before I leave the house. I highly recommend this product & this company  

Mark E 

☑Verified Buyer

Beard is looking darker

and more full

I can see hair slowly growing in and my beard is looking darker and more full. I even told my friend about it and he bought a kit and is seeing great results as well.

Suleyman D

☑Verified Buyer

Beard is looking darker

and more full

So far from using it for 5 days want to say that this is pretty good. I love the derma roller! Im getting one for my brother here soon for him to try we are trying to grow viking beards!

Jeffrey G

☑Verified Buyer

Beard wasn't greasy

I don't look weird after moisturizing my beard. Not greasy, my beard soaked it up like a dry sponge, and then it high fived me

Ralph A

☑Verified Buyer