4 Beard Products You Need.

Christopher Wilson
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Do beard growth kits work?

In short, yes - beard growth kits work. But, you need to make sure you understand what beard growth products work and why.

We'll cover some of the key beard products included in most beard kits and which ones YOU NEED to help boost your facial hair.

Beard Derma Rollers

Beard Derma rollers function by rolling ultra-thin needles into the skin to create a large number of tiny micro-abrasions and stimulate the body's natural healing process.

The treatment releases growth hormones, stimulating beard development and promoting keratin synthesis.

Many men have recently turned to beard derma rollers, which have been used for many years to treat acne scars, large pores, and wrinkles.

This process is also known as micro-needling.

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Derma Roller

Derma Roller

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Beard Growth Oil

The ideal beard oil will penetrate your facial hair pores, increasing the suppleness of your whiskers and encouraging faster beard development.

Beard growth oils, like the rest of our beard-growing products, help to prevent damage caused by free radicals while also strengthening your beard.

Beard oils that include unrefined jojoba oil and pure argan oil help to moisturize the skin beneath your beard, which aids in beard development. This dissolves dead skin cells or other factors impeding fast facial hair development.

The more resilient and stronger your beard is, the faster it will seem to develop.

Beard oil also prevents that annoying growing-in stubble irritation, which may drive even the most beard-committed person to give in and shave before a full beard develops.

Beard Growth Shampoo

Beard growth shampoo is like regular shampoo but contains vitamins and oils that aid in beard growth.

In addition to helping in facial hair growth, beard shampoo cleans hair follicles, and existing hair and allows new hair growth.

Healthier hair leads to less breakage and split ends, allowing your beard to grow thicker and longer.

Beard growth shampoo keeps your beard smelling clean and looking great. After all, no one wants to be around a guy that smells.

Look for a beard shampoo that contains all-natural ingredients, vitamin E, and essential oils.

Since it is applied topically, make sure to massage the shampoo into your beard to reach the skin beneath. If you don't get the product all the way down to the hair follicle, you won't get the full effect of the vitamins and oils.

Beard Shampoo - with PROGRO

Beard Shampoo - with PROGRO

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Beard Growth Gummies

Want to join the epic beard club? Beard-growth gummies might be the missing tool in your arsenal.

Most guys know the power of supplements and beard growth gummies are the ultimate supplement to help you grow a beard.

The best beard growth gummies contain biotin, vitamin E, vitamin B5 and Vitamin A. Daily supplementation of your diet with these gummies will aid in beard health and help grow your beard faster.

Key Takeaways

In addition to grooming tools like a beard brush or a beard roller, you can use topically applied products like beard oil, beard growth serums or beard wash to promote growth.

We always recommend a healthy, high-protein diet, good sleep, and exercise for men looking to ensure overall beard health. If you add beard growth supplements like beard gummies to the mix, you'll be one step closer to looking to having the beard of your dreams.

Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit

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