Do Beard Rollers Work?

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Derma rollers are a popular beauty tool that has been growing in popularity in recent years. But do beard rollers work? And can a roller take a man's beard growth to the next level?

In this blog post, we will take a look at the evidence and see if derma rollers can help you grow a thicker, fuller beard. Plus, keep reading for tips on how to achieve bearded greatness with the help of a derma roller.

Do derma rollers work for beard growth? 

The short answer is yes, a roller can help with beard growth (cite). To understand how derma rollers can help with beard growth and beard care, we need to take a look at what they actually are and how they work.

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller is a skincare instrument that has traditionally been used to rejuvenate skin, treat acne scarring, and reduce signs of aging. The device consists of a small, handheld roller that is covered in hundreds of tiny needles.

Also known as micro-needling, this procedure used to only happen at your dermatologist's office. Today, it is commonly done at home without any prior training using an affordable derma roller.

Derma rolling has become increasingly popular in recent years as a non-invasive, effective, and readily available skin therapy.

What does a derma roller do?

When the derma roller is rolled over the skin, the tiny delicate needles puncture the surface and create tiny (we're talking microscopic) superficial wounds. This non-invasive instrument then triggers the body's natural healing response, which increases blood flow to the area, breaks up scar tissue, and promotes collagen production.

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for keeping skin looking firm, plump, and youthful. So, by increasing collagen production, derma rollers can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring.

Beard rollers and beard growth

There are two main ways that derma rollers can help with beard growth: by stimulating the flow of blood to the area and by increasing collagen production important for facial hair growth.

As we mentioned before, increased blood flow helps to nourish the hair follicles and promote beard growth. Collagen, on the other hand, helps to keep hair strong and prevent breakage.

So, by using a derma roller on your beard regularly, you can encourage thicker, fuller beard growth while also keeping your existing beard hair healthy and strong.

Do beard rollers work?

Men have had great success treating many different facial issues with derma rollers to optimize healthy skin (cite). Thus, it has led to the realization that a beard roller can also help promote beard growth.

Specifically, using a derma roller promotes increased superficial circulation, which helps:

  1. Activate collagen production to encourage a thicker, fuller, and healthier beard

  2. Boost keratin production to keep your existing beard hairs healthy and strong

  3. Send nutrient-rich blood flow to the area to stimulate beard growth

  4. Break up any scar tissue around hair follicles to encourage new beard growth

Overall, since healthy circulation is necessary for healthy hair and skin, the benefits of using a derma roller on your beard are compounded. In fact, a study on derma rollers found that skin treated with microneedling led to a 400% increase in collagen. That's pretty great for maximizing facial hair growth and getting rid of that patchy beard.

How to use a derma roller on a beard

If you are looking to use a derma roller at home, follow these instructions:

  • Wash your face and beard with a mild cleanser or wash to remove any dirt, oil, or sweat

  • Disinfect your derma roller by soaking it in rubbing alcohol for at least 15 minutes

  • Roll the derma roller back and forth in horizontal and vertical lines, as well as diagonal lines in both directions for a consistent pattern throughout your beard.

  • Apply gentle pressure until all areas of your beard have been touched thoroughly. It should not hurt to use your derma roller.

  • Apply a beard growth serum 10-15 minutes after using the derma roller for moisture and growth-boosting potential (Note: your skin will more easily absorb the oil following rolling too)

  • Use once per week for best results.

  • Replace your beard derma roller every 1-2 months

  • Optional: For dry or irritated skin, add a small amount of soothing beard oil to your skin 5 to 10 minutes prior to using the roller

Note: If you experience pain or discomfort from use, please modify or discontinue use.

What size of needles is best for derma rolling my beard?

The size of the needle on your derma roller will determine how deep it penetrates the skin. For skin care needs, rollers typically range from 0.10 mm to 0.75 mm. The smaller needles can be used several times per week while the longest needles (great than 0.5 mm) need to be used with caution.

For beards, you will want to use a roller with needles that are between 0.30 mm and 0.50 mm in order to reach the beard hair follicles without causing any damage to the skin.

When it comes to beard care and derma roller, size matters. Needles that are too small may not penetrate the hair follicles deep enough.

How to Choose a Derma Roller

Now that you know how to use a derma roller on your beard and what size needles are best, it is time to choose a derma roller. Here are some factors to consider when making your purchase:

  • Needle Length: Choose a needle length that is between 0.30 mm and 0.50 mm

  • Needle Material: Stainless steel needles are the best choice as they are less likely to break and cause infection

  • Number of Needles: More is not always better. A derma roller with more than 500 needles can be too harsh for your skin. Choose a roller with less than 400 needs for comfort. 

  • Handle Material: Choose a comfortable handle made from durable materials such as plastic or metal

  • Head Material: The head of the roller should be made from medical-grade plastic

  • Handle Ergonomics: The handle should be easy to grip and maneuver

You can find a variety of derma rollers online.  With a well-made tool, you can expect great results with little risk of side effects. At Wild Willies- we recommend our expertly designed derma roller tool to reap all these great benefits.

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How soon can I see results from a derma roller?

You can expect to start seeing changes in your beard growth in as little as two weeks. This is especially true if it's paired with other high-quality beard care products that maximize moisture and health.

Other ways to maximize healthy hair growth

In addition to a beard roller for facial hair growth, you can maximize  healthy hair growth by:

  • Eating a healthy diet rich in protein, biotin, and other nutrients essential for hair health

  • Exercising regularly to improve circulation to the skin

  • Reducing stress levels with a self-care routine

  • Using moisturizing beard care products that moisturize and nourish the skin for supporting beard growth

  • Additionally, try beard care products designed specifically for beard hair growth (look for caffeine and biotin for stimulating beard growth)

Do I need a derma roller for my beard?

If you're looking for a new tool to maximize your bear growth potential, a beard roller is definitely worth a try.

Beard rollers (and derma rolling in general) are a fantastic and proven product to boost skin health and beard hair growth.  If you are looking to improve the appearance and health of your beard, a derma roller can be a great addition to your beard care routine.

You can get started with a derma roller today by purchasing our top rated Derma Roller online.

Derma Roller

Derma Roller

$ 25.00

BRING OUT THE FULL SPIRIT OF YOUR BEARD Say goodbye to patchy, not full beards! Are you looking to give your beard its best chance to fill in? Stop trying to grow a beard without using a derma roller.  Micro… Read More

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