5 Tips To Keeping A Clean Beard

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The current trend of full beards for men is here to stay, so if you sport one, you might as well make sure you have a clean beard. After all, dirty beards look unkempt and may even smell (especially with all the sweat). Let’s keep your routine easy and simple with these tips.

Get a Clean Beard with These 5 Easy and Simple Tips

1. Use a Beard Cleanser to Wash Your Beard



The first step to a clean beard is washing, which works similarly to a facial wash. Choosing the wrong beard cleansers, however, can lead to a wide range of problems. Get smart with your beard wash. Pick a beard wash that provides more than a clean beard. It should help restore and nourish your facial hair and skin.

Products containing essential oils can do the trick – and much more. They can:

  • Nourish the skin
  • Moisturize or hydrate the skin
  • Stimulate beard growth
  • Fortify the facial hair

A high-quality beard wash also softens your hair, which makes it “cozy” for a more up-close connection with your significant other. It also makes detangling so much easier with your beard comb. There’s no doubt too you’d love to touch them over and over.

2. Wash Your Beard Twice Weekly with Beard Shampoos or Cleansers

The next step to a clean beard is washing it about twice a week. You don’t want to overdo it to avoid removing your skin’s natural oils. It can cause your beard to dry out, and when it does, it can become itchy and flaky (a.k.a. dandruff).

3. Condition Your Beard for Softness and Strength

If you can’t shampoo often, then how do you get a clean beard each day? The answer is conditioning.

It’s one of the hidden secrets for a successful beard grooming and growth. You may only shampoo your beard once or twice each week, but you need to condition your bead more frequently. In fact, you can do it every day.

Using a beard conditioner allows you to clean up all those that get into your beard between shampoos such as residues. It also preps your beard in case you like to use a leave-in beard conditioner, although you need to rinse the conditioner thoroughly before you can apply it.

4. Brush Your Beard

One of the most important tools for cleaning a beard is a high-quality boar’s hair beard brush. Use natural bristles of uniform length for best results.

It doesn’t matter if your beard is long or short. Brushing helps to do the following:

  • Remove stray hairs that have fallen out.
  • Eliminate dead skin cells from your beard.
  • Get rid of other objects, such as food crumbs, that may be trapped in your beard.

Plus, it feels great! It’s an important aspect of keeping your beard smelling and looking clean.

Just avoid over-brushing your beard. Like shampooing too much, brushing excessively may actually damage your facial hair.

How do you brush your beard properly?

Begin with an all-natural beard oil. Pump a few drops into your hands for an even distribution.

Then massage into your beard, rubbing deep down to reach the skin. Next, use your brush with the grain of your hair. Begin at the bottom and brush upward toward your cheekbones.

Don’t forget to brush your cheeks and sideburns to ensure they get the benefit of beard oil nutrients. Finally, use the brush to help shape your hair.

If you’re attempting a specific shape or trying to reshape your beard, you may need to apply a beard wax. This helps you maintain the shape until you properly train your beard to adopt the shape on its own.

5. Rock Your Very Own Beard Style

Rock Your Very Own Beard Style | Tips To Keeping A Clean Beard

Part of keeping your beard looking clean and tidy involves choosing a beard style.

Choose one that represents you – something you will call your own. Of course, you’re free to get some inspiration. You can also pick from the list below:

  • Corporate Beards
  • Yeards (one-year growth)
  • Teards (two-year growth)
  • Goatees
  • Stubble/Scruff
  • Natural Beards
  • Partial Beards

These are only a few. There are nearly infinite varieties on how you handle the mustache if you have one at all.

The great thing is there are no right or wrong rules when it comes to style as long as it works for you. The one thing you must remember is to work with what you have when choosing your style.

Some men with beards grow them fast and full. Others struggle to get beyond stubble. Don’t rush your efforts to grow a certain style beard, especially if it’s one that doesn’t work for you. Choose an alternative and learn to love it.

A clean beard is something all men with facial hair should strive to achieve. It makes you more irresistible to women, keeps your beard stylish and healthy, and provides your hair an amazing smell.

How do you keep a clean beard? Let us know your rituals in the comments section below!

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