7 Smart Tips to Choosing Your Ideal Beard

Bubba Stacy
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When you rock the perfect beard, it makes you confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Sure, you don’t need to care what others think. But chances are you’ll stick with a beard long-term if it’s attractive to both you and those you’re in contact with.

Fortunately, you aren’t stuck to any one style. There’s a wide variety, and trends come and go. These seven tips will help you to make the best decision on the ideal beard.

1.  Know The Best Style For Your Face Shape

The overall effect you should aim for is a smooth oval of your beard and jaw. Common face shapes are -

  • Square faces - Keep hair longer on the chin and shorter on the sides. The extra chin length will contour your face and beard into the perfect shape.
  • Round faces - Again, more hair on the bottom helps to achieve the ideal oval shape. Emphasize this with shorter sides.
  • Oblong/rectangular faces - A style with fuller sides and less hair on the bottom is a good choice for this face shape.
  • Oval faces - You’re in luck! Most styles work well with this face shape because it’s in-between the others.

There are other face types as well. Here’s a handy graphic showing all the options.

2.  Experiment With Different Styles

There are many ways to style your beard. You could have it close-cropped, or grow it out. The best way to find your ideal style is to let your hair grow. That’s a blank canvas to experiment with different lengths and cuts.

Even if you go too short, be patient, grow your hair out, and try a new technique.

While you’re still in the experimental stage, stick to a good care routine of washing, oiling, and combing or brushing. You can judge the best look when your beard is healthy and strong.

3.  Ask For Advice

A professional barber can give great advice on what works with your features. They work on bearded dudes often, and they are familiar with common beard and face shape pairings.

Experts take into consideration hair texture, growth, and volume to suggest styles you can rock!

You may want to enlist the skills of a professional to cut your beard the first time. Once you’re happy with how it turns out, you can take over the reigns and shape it yourself.

Listen to advice from people you trust. Friends and family will give you their honest opinions. Your girl knows what’s hot, and other bearded folk who went through pains to find the best scruff style will have words of wisdom to share with you.

4.  Use The Right Tools

You know the best style that makes both you and your gal happy. Now the hard part – becoming a pro at styling it to perfection without messing it up. The best tools take the stress away. A good comb or brush is essential. An adjustable trimmer will be your best friend. And enriching products such as washes, conditioners, and balms make beard styling a breeze.

5.  Be Careful With Color

Some men color their beards. This could be to disguise gray or strange pigmentation or to match beard hair with hair on their heads. (Beard hair and head hair don’t always match!) But keep in mind, dying doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to.

If it’s too dark or too light, you need to take tricky corrective measures.

Coloring takes time and effort and requires regular maintenance. This adds to the demands of having a beard, and it becomes too much work for busy people.

Master barber Jeff Yabut suggests staying as natural as possible.

6.  Balanced Trimming, Guys!

Don’t go crazy with the trimmers on one part of your beard for no reason. Well, the reason would be for dramatic effect, but that’s probably drama you could do without. And don’t neglect parts of your beard either.

Apply the same care, trimming, and maintenance to your chin, sides, stach, and neck. A uniform, balanced appearance is perfect!

7.  Go For A Total Package

Your facial features are important when you decide on a beard style. Take your other characteristics into account too. Your hairstyle compliments your beard.

Download this infographic now and reference it later.

infographic | The Best Beard Style For Every Face Shape

Watch this video and find out what beard style is perfect for you:

Do you have a personal style when it comes to clothes, tattoos, and accessories? Your beard is one facet of the overall image you project. You’ll love the results when everything works together to make you look sharp as a boss!

Pay extra attention to the beard you choose. A little research makes a world of difference. Your beard is what people notice first when they see you, so create a solid impression with your scruff.

You can wear a beard with pride when you’re comfortable with it and when it attracts the right kind of attention.

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