8 Benefits of Using a Beard Derma Roller

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A beard derma roller is a device that features a drum covered in micro needles attached to an ergonomic handle. While derma rollers are often used for microneedling skin, the Derma Roller by Wild Willies has 0.05-millimeter micro needles to promote facial hair growth. Get the lowdown on eight benefits of microneedling your beard to decide whether to make a derma roller part of your routine.

1. A Beard Derma Roller Stimulates Facial Hair Growth

Microneedling can promote facial hair growth. The easiest way to do a treatment commonly performed by aestheticians and dermatologists at home is to use a derma roller designed for beards. Weekly sessions can encourage your facial hair to grow and fill in patchy spots. 

Genetics, hormones and lifestyle habits can affect the thickness of your beard. If you have patchy growth, consider making a few adjustments to your lifestyle. Start a beard care routine that includes one weekly beard derma roller session.

If you presently use alcohol or nicotine, you should try to reduce your booze intake and stop smoking. Alcohol acts as a vasodilator at intoxicating levels, allowing blood vessels to widen and relax. At higher levels of consumption, though, the effects shift and alcohol becomes a vasoconstrictor that shrinks blood vessels and increases blood pressure. Nicotine is also a vasoconstrictor for blood vessels in the skin. Good circulation is necessary for hair growth, as blood supplies the nutrients necessary for healthy hair. 

2. Derma Rollers Maximize Product Absorption

From the first use on, a beard derma roller can increase the absorption of topical skin care and beard products by more than 500%. The products you use are important, particularly when you are trying to grow a beard. For the best results, use the Derma Roller with Wild Willies Beard Boost Serum or other beard care formulas.

The Derma Roller features a drum lined with 0.05 mm micro needles connected to an ergonomic handle. This beard derma roller is black and has a sleek design that complements the orange and black Wild Willies The Arsenal Mens Grooming Kit. Roll the needles on the drum over skin where you want facial hair to fill in.

Microneedling is also beneficial for your skin. Every time you do a treatment, your skin repairs itself by generating collagen and producing keratin to support hair growth. As each pore doubles as a hair follicle capable of growing one shaft of hair, microneedling can encourage hair growth along the hairline, on the lower half of the face and down the neck. You may also see more noticeable effects from products applied before or after derma roller treatments.

3. A Beard Derma Roller Can Provide Targeted Treatments

One of the best features of a derma roller is the ability to focus this tool where you need it most. Experts recommend developing a pattern that passes over each area you are treating five to seven times. Leverage the beard derma roller against your face and move the roller up and down or in uniform, diagonal motions across your skin and facial hair. Do not turn or twist the drum while the needles are in contact with skin.

Derma rolling your hair and skin before or after treating an area with patchy hair with a formula that promotes growth can increase the absorption of active ingredients. Research suggests that the most effective way to combat hair loss or a lack of growth is through a combination of mechanical and medicinal treatments. Use Beard Boost Serum or other Wild Willies products such as PROGRO Beard Shampoo, PROGRO Soft, Beard Oil or Beard Butter.

Try to avoid over-treating areas with patchy hair growth out of a desire to see these areas fill in. Avoid rolling over an area more than seven times during a single microneedling treatment. Your skin must also have time to heal from treatments in order to see benefits, including the growth of hair in areas that currently have sparse coverage. Start out using a beard derma roller once a week and increase the frequency of treatments up to two or three times a week as your skin adjusts. 

4. Derma Rollers Increase Collagen and Keratin Production

Microneedling is one of several methods of improving the look and feel of skin through a process of minor injury and recovery. Other resurfacing treatments performed by dermatologists and aestheticians include chemical peels and microdermabrasion. There are both chemical and mechanical ways to trigger a reparative response in the skin. A beard derma roller is a mechanical or physical method of stimulating skin renewal and hair growth.

Collagen imparts firmness and elasticity to skin. Youthful skin naturally produces collagen, but levels decrease over time. Keratin is a protein that makes up hair, skin and nails. When your skin suffers an injury, it generates these substances to repair damage. Microneedling causes minor damage to skin through a painless and safe procedure to stimulate the production of collagen and keratin.

Every beard derma rolling session boosts collagen levels linked to skin cell turnover and keratin levels associated with the hair growth cycle. To maintain a fast rate of renewal, microneedle your beard at least once a week. While beard care products can immediately improve the look and feel of your facial hair, it can take two to three months to see significant growth and even longer to see the full results of using a derma roller on your beard.

5. A Beard Derma Roller Also Benefits Skin

A derma roller for facial hair is similar to microneedle derma rollers for skin. While derma roller needle sizes range in size, the 0.05 mm needles on the Wild Willies Derma Roller are ideal for stimulating facial hair growth. These benefits extend to your skin, as your pores are more prone to absorb active ingredients in beard and skin care products after derma roller treatments.

The health of your skin can also affect the appearance of your beard. For the greatest comfort, you should make an effort to care for the skin beneath your beard. A derma roller designed for facial hair is the best way to encourage products to sink in. The resulting spike in collagen and keratin production also benefits your skin.

You can improve the condition of your hair and skin by using a beard derma roller alongside beard and skin care products by Wild Willies. Lifestyle changes such as drinking less, stopping smoking and exercising can increase circulation for healthier skin and faster hair growth. A balanced diet that includes vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and fruit also goes a long way toward improving your overall health and the appearance of your facial hair.

6. Derma Rollers Are Easy To Use

A beard derma roller with an ergonomic design is safe and easy to use. Hold the roller by the handle and gently make contact between the drum and the skin you want to treat. The drum on the Wild Willies Derma Roller is covered with 0.05 mm needles that elicit a repair response in skin without causing major injury.

The learning curve of using a derma roller primarily consists of coming up with a rolling pattern that targets the areas where you want facial hair to grow. Leverage the roller against a particular side of your face and gently roll the drum up and down so that the micro needles make light but firm contact with your hair and skin. Focus on your cheeks, sideburns, chin and neck and roll the needles and head over each skin surface at least five times, but no more than seven times.

If your face looks very red after you use a beard derma roller, you may have overtreated one or more areas or simply have sensitive skin. Try to roll more gently and less frequently to get the hair growth benefits of this tool with minimal irritation. The Wild Willies Derma Roller is designed to prevent any bleeding or pain when used as intended. 

7. Derma Rollers Don’t Add Much Time To Your Routine

You should only microneedle your beard once a week for the first few weeks or months of using a derma roller. This is an easy, occasional step to add to your grooming and beard care routines. A beard derma roller session should not take more than five minutes but can have the lasting results of increased hair growth.

As your skin adjusts to microneedling treatments over time, you can increase the frequency with which you use the Derma Roller on your beard up to two to three times per week. It is generally not advisable to do microneedling more than three times a week, as you should allow time for your skin to heal and hair to grow. Massage and the use of facial rollers without needles can promote circulation in between derma roller treatments.

If you want to learn more about the most effective way to use a beard derma roller to promote hair growth, you can look at videos online. The direction in which you move a roller makes it possible to stimulate your skin in ways that maximize the positive effects of derma rolling while minimizing unnecessary skin damage that can be caused by microneedling.

8. Derma Rollers Stay Effective Over Time

While your skin will need to adjust to microneedling over the first few weeks and months of using a beard derma roller, this beard care tool does not decrease in efficacy. You can continue using a derma roller even after your beard fills in for optimal thickness and health. A microneedling roller will keep promoting hair growth and skin cell turnover indefinitely.

Ongoing keratin and collagen production can maintain the health of beard hair in addition to stimulating new growth. Derma rollers also continue to improve the absorption of beard and skin care products. You can get more benefits from Wild Willies Beard Boost Serum or other products such as PROGRO Soft, Beard Oil or Beard Butter when these products are used alongside regular beard Derma Roller treatments.

If you want to maintain the benefits of microneedling after six months or longer of using a derma roller on your beard, you may only need to do this treatment one or two times a week. Making microneedling a part of your beard care routine can have positive and long-lasting effects on the appearance of your facial hair and skin. You can focus on different skin or hair care priorities by changing the products that you apply before and after you use a derma roller on your beard.

The Best Beard Derma Roller

The Derma Roller by Wild Willies is the best mechanical method for promoting beard growth. Many personal microneedling systems are available, but only a few are designed to promote beard and facial hair growth. This system features 0.05 mm micro needles and an ergonomic handle design. A sleek black handle connects to a needle-lined small black drum that is the perfect size for both targeted treatments and surface coverage.

Using a Derma Roller once a week for a few months can promote hair growth and increase the efficacy of Wild Willies beard and skin care products. Once your skin starts to adjust to regular microneedling, you can increase the frequency of derma roller treatments to two to three times a week to see faster results in terms of the fullness of your beard or facial hairstyle. Always sterilize your derma roller with isopropyl alcohol before and after use.

Keep in mind that it takes time to experience all the benefits of using a beard derma roller. Within six months, you should see improvement around patchy areas of facial hair. If signs of improvement are apparent, you are likely to see even better results after a year of microneedling treatments. In the meantime, using a derma roller on your beard at least once a week and no more than two to three times a week can increase the efficacy of Wild Willies skin care and beard growth formulas.

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