Taming Your Wild Beard With the Best Beard Straightener

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Every beard is different, and that's a great thing. Some are thick and defined, while others are patchy and unruly. If you have a hard time taming your facial hair, even with balm and oils, it could be time to go for the best beard straightener you can find. Once you do, you may be surprised to find that your patchy, asymmetrical look can be turned into a tidy, manly mane.

Why You May Need the Best Beard Straightener

Beards tend to fall into a few different categories. Each comes with its own benefits and downsides.

Thick and Curly

Most men can only dream of having thick facial hair free from patchiness or weak strands. If this sounds like your beard, however, you probably know that such hair can be next to impossible to manage. Each time you comb, your hair somehow seems to find itself propped up again. Every time you shave, awkward growth begins high on your cheeks or low on your neck.

For such whiskers, straightening can be a lifesaver. Since straight strands can't prop up against one another, they won't puff out or frizz uncontrollably.

Thin or Patchy

If your face is covered in patches that connect to one another only weakly, you may feel the desire to shave it all off. Though only you can decide what looks best, there are plenty of celebrities who have made patchiness work for them — just look at Keanu Reeves, for example.

One way to lessen the appearance of patchiness is to straighten patches so hairs appear longer. Not only does this tame natural unruliness, but it causes individual strands to overlay each other, giving the appearance of a thicker overall outline.

Thin and Curly

Men with very curly hair but relatively thin strands often give up on their facial hair before they even have the chance to try potentially helpful grooming products. This is because curly hair breaks the face's silhouette, drawing from any natural good looks they may have been blessed with. When you equip yourself with the best beard straightener, you can simply smooth away such problems.

How a Straightener Works

There are currently a large number of facial hair straightening products on the market, and most work using the same basic principles. The vast majority of products use heating elements to bend bristles into proper form. Some, however, use negative ion technology in which ions interact with molecules in the hair to dry moisture, hydrate single strands, and protect ends from fraying.

The best beard straightener devices use a material called tourmaline to enhance the protective effect of negative ions. This minimizes frizz by rapidly evaporating water molecules before they have a chance to penetrate hairs.

2-n-1 Beard Straightener 2.0

2-n-1 Beard Straightener 2.0

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Refashion an unruly mass of facial hair into a slick and stylish shape with this Wild Willies beard straightening brush 2.0. Anti-static coating and PTC heating technology work together for maximum straightening performance. Why The Beard Straightener:-  Tames the toughest beards- … Read More

What Key User Features To Look For

Because a product can work beautifully on a technical level but still fail to impress users, the ergonomics and user interface of a straightener are vital considerations when choosing the right model for you. Here are a few reasons we think our Wild Willies straightening brush is user-friendly enough for even the clumsiest lumberjack around.

Appropriate Heat Levels

Though extremely high heat can straighten tough whiskers, it can also damage and destroy a healthy mane. This is why you should always look for a product with adjustable heat and a moderate maximum temperature. Since the sweet spot for effectively and safely managing facial hair is believed to be around 385 degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn't use a product that goes much higher than 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our straightener features three heat levels, corresponding to the type of hair you have. The first works for straight or normal hair, the second coarse or wavy, the third thick or curly. The corresponding temperatures average around 310, 360, and 400 Fahrenheit, respectively.

Automatic Power Off

When rushing through your morning routine, it's all too easy to leave devices plugged in as you find yourself distracted by other things. Wild Willies' straightener disables its heating and ion functions when you aren't using it, saving energy and preventing dangerous overheating.

Variable Temperature Display

One of the features that makes ours the best beard straightener is the LED temperature display that lets you know how hot heating elements are during both heating and use. Since using appropriate heat is critical for preserving your precious whiskers, our temperature display lets you choose the right balance between straightening efficiency and delicacy.

Purpose-Built Power Cord

Power cords are some of the most common points of failure on grooming devices. Because users tend to twist straighteners and driers relentlessly, the thin wires that supply them with power inevitably fray and break, resulting in a product that needs to be repaired or thrown away. Our V.2 model uses a swivel cord that gives you full freedom of motion as you do what you need to do.

Simple Cleaning Demands

Though regular hair straighteners don't need much cleaning, beard straighteners are different. This is because bristles designed specifically for routing facial hair can catch stray hairs, oil, and residue. To clean our device, all you need to do is let it cool, brush comb teeth clean, and wipe down the outer surface.

Reasonable Price Tag

You'd probably be too sketched out to buy a beard care product for less than 20 bucks. At the same time, there are plenty of options on the market reaching well into the 60-plus category. Given the relative simplicity of the technology involved, these are just money grabs. Our V.2 is affordable but offers features worth the cost.

How To Use the Best Beard Straightener

Taming your facial forest isn't exactly rocket science, but it takes a few tries to get perfect. For the best results, make an honest assessment of your hair type, adjust heat accordingly and try it out. Start with the sides and then move to the mustache area. Practice makes perfect!

For the best beard straightener in the game, check out Wild Willies today. For all your other manly needs, check our full inventory online.

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