Beard Fades - Expert beard fade advice [2021]

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Beard fades have established themselves as a mainstream men's hairstyle option in the last couple of years.

Paired with a faded haircut, a precision cut beard fade can be quite sharp and boost your overall appearance.

While we wouldn't suggest pulling up to a hunting camp with a beard fade, if you are an urban beardsman, you should give this article a serious read through. 

What is a beard fade?

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Beard fades are different to beard trims and beard shaves because they involve trimming your facial hair progressively shorter as you head towards your hair line.

In order of length, the fading process goes: chin - jawline - cheeks.

Some faded beard styles also include a tapered fade below your chin and down your neck towards your Adam's apple.

A beard fade can be a unique look with the right clean lines but, you'll need to make sure that you can grow enough facial hair before attempting this style or you'll end up just looking like you faded your whole face.

A faded beard is usually done by a professional barber but with the right tools you can create your own faded beard style at home.

How to groom a beard fade at home

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A beard fade is more defined for men with a long beard however, dudes with short beards can make it work as well.

Start by being honest about your face shape and then planning the right length for each step of the process.

Then, follow these steps to fade your beard:

  1. Trim your beard
  2. Clean up your neckline with a beard trimmer or razor
  3. Shape the longer hair on your chin and jawline
  4. Trim your cheeks slightly shorter
  5. Blend cheek hair length into your hairstyle

Keep a steady hand. If you mess up the length at any one of the steps then you are better off trying again in 3-4 weeks when your facial hair has recovered.

Make sure you have faded sideburns. If your neglect this last part or find it hard to get the length of your sideburns to be the same length as the lowest part of your hairstyle, you're better off going to a barber shop.

Feeling bold? For a layered fade or a more complex shaped beard fade then use a beard shaping tool to assist in the process.



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Who are beard fades for?

A beard fade is a great way stand out in a crowd.

Like TikTok and hard seltzers, I am seeing this look being embraced by the younger generation.

At first I was confused... "Did your razor slip?" But after a few conversations with my young beard bros, it started making sense.

For heavier set dudes, sculpting your beard can redefine the angles of your face and give it a more boxy look. This helps to make your face look longer and more attractive.

If you struggle with overall beard length, a stylish beard fade can help boost your beard game.

Best hairstyle to go with a beard fade

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Like bonnie and clyde, rum and coke, weights and cardio, some things are best paired together.

The best hairstyle choices to pair with a beard fade are: a buzz cut, a low fade or a tapered haircut.

For your fancy men out there, a pompadour with a faded beard is an absolute panty dropper.

For you bald men out there, you can pull off the ultimate faded beard as your facial hair will taper up into absolutely no hair.

Who ever said bald wasn't sexy?

Tools of the beard fade trade

There are some products you'll need to get the shape of your beard fade right.

Beard Trimmer

Obviously, you'll need one with adjustable lengths. If you have short hair you can get away with using a razor at the top of the fade.

If you want a really nice looking tapered beard, there is no alternative to a high quality trimmer.

For guys with a longer beard, you want to shape your beard at the natural starting point which is your chin.

Beard Brush

You should be brushing your beard in between shaping the different layers of your fade.

This helps make sure the length is even at different stages and helps you visualize the final product.

You can't go wrong with a beard brush made from natural boar bristles.

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Derma Roller

Some guys struggle to grow long hair up near their ears.

To aid in this problem, try a derma roller. It can help stimulate hair growth in your patchy spots.

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Call in the beard fade experts

If all else fails - head over to your trusted barber shop and ask them to help.

A good barber will be able to perfect your beard shape to match your hairstyle and help you walk out with a well groomed beard.

-Wild Willies

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