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Long beard styles differ significantly from shorter beard styles especially with regard to complicated styling and grooming. Whether you're going for a classic beard or a modified viking beard, Wild Willies has you covered.

About Long Beard Styles

There comes a time in every man’s life when he decides to leave boyhood behind and never look back. There is no better way to signify that you’ve taken control of your life than growing out a long and full beard.

Picking your long beard style is as important as good manners and pride for your country.

Long beard styles are incredibly popular these days and for good reason. Long beards have a certain appeal that carries with it the intrigue of ruggedness mixed with elegance along with wisdom all rolled into one.

Cultures all over the world view a beard as a sign of a man's masculinity. A good beard signals strength and sexual prowess to a large percentage of women across the globe.

So, clearly long beard styles aren’t just what you do when your facial hair decides to grow out past your normal length. It is an art form and is best done correctly.

Long beard styles can make you look like a rock star or a seasoned professional depending on how you style it and what type of facial hair grows best on your face.

So, choose the look you're going for and pick one of these types of beard growth below.

Beard styles - long beard styles

Recommended Long Beard Styles

You have a lot of different Long Beard Styles to choose from. Long beards are all about versatility and personal style so it doesn’t matter what Long Beard Style you choose as long as you know how to groom it.

Follow these Wild Willies guidelines when choosing your Long Beard Style:

Long Beard Style #1 - The Classic Beard

A classic beard is one of the most iconic styles to represent masculinity and a true man. But, growing out your facial hair doesn't come without some challenges, especially when trying for a full beard - which requires time as well as genetic ability in order to thrive.

The average classic beard takes 4 weeks of growth to reach a length where you'll want to start grooming. If it doesn't look patchy by the 4 week mark, you're good to go.

Take a beard trimmer or razor and shave your neck from one inch below your Adam's apple and down. Let the rest of your facial hair grow. Simple right?

You'll want all of your facial hairs to be a uniform length to take scissors and trim any areas where the hair is longer than average.

Since the classic beard is pretty thick, you'll want to wash at least twice a week and use a beard oil to keep the skin beneath your beard moisturized. Many men neglect this step and end up with itchy, irritated skin.

Long Beard Style #2 - The Viking Beard

You know that a beard will make you more masculine and we can think of fewer manly icons from history than the vikings.

These fierce Scandinavian warriors grew out their beards to extreme length to shelter them from the cold. In addition, their beards were often braided.

We wouldn't be surprised if that was to keep their beard from obscuring their vision while cutting down their foes with a battle axe.

Here are some important steps when attempting to grow out a viking beard:

  1. Let your beard grow - this style usually takes 8 weeks of beard growth before it is long enough.
  2. Eat well for healthy facial hair - think healthy fats, high protein and don't skip your vegetables. If your diet isn't naturally good for hair growth, you can supplement with our Wild Willies Beard Growth Gummies.
  3. Comb and trim your beard often - make sure to cleanly shave your neck area to keep irritation down. Trim your beard to keep facial hair length even.

Long Beard Style #3 - The Biker Beard

A biker beard is a Long Beard Style that has been around for decades. In its classic style, it does not include a mustache, although many men choose to wear one in addition to their main beard.

Of all the long beards a man can grow, the biker beard style doesn't require a daily routine to maintain.

However, you'll want to keep this Long Beard Style full and tapered along the sides of your face to avoid looking like you just ate a chicken nugget off the ground in front of your bike.

This Long Beard Style requires weekly maintenance with frequent washing and trimming once every 5-7 days.

Length and volume is key - think Duck Dynasty style.

If done right, you'll look like you've been taking your Harley up and down route 66 for years.

*Pro Tip - Use a beard straightener

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Long Beard Styles - Grooming 101

A good long beard might look easy to grow but you'll definitely want to shape your beard along the sides and trim stray hairs often.  Long beards can become a tangled mess without the right grooming tips.

Long Beard Styles might seem like a lot of work but if you want to max out your facial hair, it's worth it!

We'll break down our grooming tips into 5 key steps

  1. Wash your beard
  2. Detangle your beard
  3. Trim your beard
  4. Brush your beard
  5. Moisturize your beard

Good hygiene can make or break a man so keep your beard hairs washed with a good shampoo.

If you want to step up your beard game - try our Wild Willies Beard Wash which is specially formulated with essential oils and other gentle ingredients that will clean your beard without stripping away precious sebum oil. 

Detangle your beard with a wide toothed comb. This will prevent your beard hairs from getting too curly and help with overall length and volume.

Trim your beard and manage any rogue hairs. You want to maintain the appearance of effortless manliness so you can't just let your facial hair run wild.

Long Beard Style - Funny

Brush your beard because there's no excuse for an unruly beard. Whether you have a long, straight beard or a curly and tangled one, a beard brush can help you tame the figurative beast.

Take a peek at the Wild Willies Beard Brush which is made with natural boar bristles for professional beard and mustache grooming.

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One final note, moisturizing your beard is important to keep it healthy, full and non-irritating.

Signing Off

A classic long beard is a badge of honor. It signals maturity and masculinity and when done right looks like you were blessed with raw, manly genetics.

Share this article with a fellow beard brother to keep him from making simple grooming mistakes. We’re the sum of the people we spend the most time with so be a leader in your group and pass on helpful knowledge to your circle.

- Wild Willies

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