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Beard growth kits came into existence to support men who struggle to grow a nice, full beard.

Afterall, growing a beard can be hard!

It takes patience, dedication and time to grow your facial hair into something respectable.

But, it’s worth the wait when you can finally see the fruits of your labor on your face every day.

We have a saying here, and it goes... "Shaving says a lot about a man. Like, I'm not one."

Lucky for you, Wild Willies has everything you need to get started and keep your razor put away.

We have all sorts of products for men who want to grow their beards, from oils and balms that help condition and soften skin, to vitamins that promote healthy hair growth.

Our kits are designed for any man looking for a little extra help in growing his beard or mustache so he can look his best at all times!

Read this article and try out one of our recommended beard kits to maximize your beard.

What are beard growth kits?

Beard Growth kits 1

A beard growth kit is a bundle of the most important beard growth products.

A full growth kit is like a fishing kit. You'll never catch anything unless you've got your rod, line and bait.

Beard growth kits - fishing

All good craftsmen know that the right tools make all the difference so don't skip out on stocking the best tools to grow your beard.

Beard Growth 101

Growing a thicker beard and fixing a patchy beard are the two most common areas of help that aspiring beardsmen seek.

The science behind beard growth and hair growth is similar: increase hair growth.

You can stimulate hair growth in three main ways:

  • moisturize
  • supplement
  • use a derma roller to increase blood circulation which stimulates sleeping follicles

One of the secrets is to give your beard the oils, vitamins and minerals that it needs to moisturize your skin and hair to promote optimal growth and prevent skin irritation.

It's really no different than your truck...

... you've got to make sure it's got the proper lubrication and quality fuel to help it run at peak performance.

What products are in beard growth kits?

Beard Growth Oil

The best beard kits will always include beard growth oil.

Look for an oil that contains vitamins and organic essential oils.

Beard growth oil helps keep your facial hair and skin underneath your beard moisturized.

They also support the natural oils that your skin produces which keeps your beard healthy and soft.

Beard Growth Serum Oil

A beard growth serum is basically beard oil on steroids.

In addition to essential oils, beard growth serums are packed with ingredients like caffeine, biotin, hemp oil, minerals and amino acids.

Always remember.... no beard. no glory.

Introducing a beard growth serum into your routine will leave you with more glory and a victorious gladiator.

Derma Roller

What looks like a medieval torture device but is capable of rejuvenating your fair collicales and helping your beard grow naturally?

The mighty derma roller AKA beard roller.

Using a derma roller (microneedling) helps activate keratin and collagen production.

It may also boost stem-cell growth factors resulting in a fuller, thicker beard - even in your patchiest spots.

A derma beard roller brings important blood flow to your hair follicles with the added benefit of delivering nutrients from beard oils more quickly.

Beard growth vitamins

Using a beard growth supplement is the secret weapon of burly men everywhere. And, it's actually legal.

Beard growth vitamins help support healthy beard growth from within.

Paired with a good diet and exercise, beard growth vitamins will have you looking like a norse god in no time.

Where can I buy beard growth kits?

The easiest place to buy a beard kit is online.

Here are some highly rated options:

Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit

$ 29.99

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beard growth kits - reviews

You can also head over to our store locator to find your nearest Walmart and pick up your beard kits there.

-Wild Willies

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