Best Beard Styles for Men - The Top 10 Beard Styles For 2022

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Whether you're rocking a short beard, long beard or anything in between, beards are all the rage in 2022. That is why we're is here to present you with our list of the best beard styles for men in 2022.

If you want to grow a long beard that is easy to maintain and looks good on your face, read this blog post!

After all, the beard might not make the man, but it sure can show a lot about him.

We'll share 10 different ways to grow your beard so that you can find which style fits YOU best.

We'll also share some tips for how to care for your beard to make it thicker, softer and well groomed.

Like my uncle Tom says to a plate of steak and potatoes - let's dig in!

Beard Growth 101

There are a few things every man needs to know before styling their beard.

  • Decide on your beard style. Are you going for a short, well trimmed beard? A big, bushy beard? Something in between? Knowing the best beard style for your face is the starting point.
  • Invest in a beard brush. They're designed to keep your beard tamed, which makes it easier for you to style later on. It also helps distribute natural oils and conditioners from your hair follicles down the length of your whiskers.
  • Use good quality products when styling your beard. Wild Willies Beard Butter is one of our favorite products because it smells great, leaves no residue behind and has been proven not only effective but safe as well! Best yet, it works for all beard styles no matter how long or short.

Beard Styles - Wild Willies

Short Beard Styles

Starting with short beards,  we'll show you the different styles you can rock if your beard length is shorter than one inch.

You will be able to work with a variety of lengths and shapes when it comes to short beards, but there are some that we think are better for men who want their facial hair or stubble to grow in quickly.

How to Trim a Short beard

Short beards are much easier to grow than long beards but you need to be diligent with trimming and maintaining your shorter, neater beard. 

When trimming a short beard,  you can use a beard trimmer or scissors to even out your hair length.

This will help you avoid any weird patches and keep the shape of your beard looking sharp.

Men who are just getting started with short beards often wonder how they should care for their facial hair, especially if it's their first time.

The best way to care for your beard is by washing it every day or at least once a week with an all natural soap like our Beard Wash, then using our Beard Soft after you towel dry it.

This will not only keep your facial hair moisturized but also help give the right amount of  fullness.

Beard Style #1 - The Short Boxed Beard

short boxed beard

The short boxed beard  is a popular look for men who want to start growing their beard. The short boxed beard is great because it's easy to maintain, especially with a blow dryer and brush combo.

A short boxed beard looks best  when it's short on the sides and back, but longer below the chin.

Beard Style #2 - The Beardstache

beardstache beard style

The beardstache is  a popular style for men with a noticeably prominent mustache. The beardstache is longer on the sides and back, while short below the chin.

Men who choose to rock a beardstache need to be diligent with trimming the facial hair around their neckline so that it doesn't grow too long.

Beard Style #3 - The Van Dyke Beard

van dyke beard style for men

A Van Dyke Beard is a great choice for men who want to have some facial hair, but not too much on the sides.

This style is short on the sides and back while it's long below the chin with a goatee that connects in the middle of your upper lip.

Style points go to the man who can curl the edges of the mustache.

To style the van dyke beard, start with a beard-balm or our Beard Wax.

Use your fingers to shape the mustache hairs and chin hairs into place, then use scissors and a comb to carefully trim excess hairs.

You can grow out your facial hair on the sides but a traditional Van Dyke Beard requires a tight shave on the sides and neck.

Beard Style #4 - The Royal Beard

royal beard style for men

Do you have extra thick connectors that you want to show off?

Try the royal beard.

The royal beard is similar to the van dyke beard except the edges of your mustache are grown below your lip.

To trim a royal beard, use the same technique as for a van dyke beard. The only difference is to trim longer on the sides while you leave some extra length below the chin.

Beard Style #5 - The Mutton Chops Beard

mutton chops beard style

Mutton chops are  often confused with the style of a mustache, but if you're looking for a show-stopping beard then it's worth trying out.

The mutton chops are long on either side and short below your chin. Want beard inspiration? Think about Elvis Presley or Hugh "The Wolverine" Jackman.

Side beard growth is key for a full set of mutton chops. Use beard moisturizer and specially formulated beard boosting products like our BEARD BOOST serum.

Short beard style summary

The short beard styles detailed above give you options for men with fuller facial hair all over, those who prefer a clean shaven style of beard or those with patchy spots who can grow facial hair on their lip and chin.

Don't forget, beard grooming is key, no matter the length of the beard.

Use high quality beard care products with natural ingredients to keep your beard feeling soft.

Every great beard, no matter how long, is always washed, trimmed and styled.

Long Beard Styles

In our opinion, nothing beats a fully grown, long and healthy beard.

Every man's face has a story to tell and a full but well maintained beard speaks more about his character than any outfit could ever.

To keep from looking like an unwashed mountain man, every long beard style requires the right combination of genetics, beard growth products, healthy hair and skin, and a regimented grooming process.

Are you up for the challenge of growing out one of these long beard styles?

We'll see.

Beard Style #6 - The Classic Beard

classic beard

The classic beard style is a timeless look that never goes out of fashion.

It has been around for centuries and seems to be the favorite choice of most types of men.

You need to start by growing out your facial hair for at least two months before deciding on any other styling choices.

This ensures that you have plenty of time to decide what kind of hairstyle would work best for your face shape and the thickness or thinness of your beard hairs.

Once you are ready, it's time to trim up those unruly edges! To do this, simply find a pair of sharp scissors and cut right  at the hairline.

Tidy up the edges with a trimmer, apply beard oil often, and keep those facial hairs soft with a moisturizing beard product.

Beard Style #7 - The Bushy Beard

bushy beard style

WARNING: The bushy beard actually does require some grooming. If you think you can just live your life without ever getting your beard trimmed, you're dead wrong.

No one wants to hang out with a man who looks like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

To maintain this beard style, use scissors to trim up any errant hairs that extend past the hairline. Use beard products with vitamin e to keep it soft. One of the best oils to use is argan oil.

Wash your beard often. Use a beard comb.

Applying beard oil after a wash will give it a nice shine and a great way to maintain a thick and great looking beard.

Beard Style #8 - The Biker Beard

biker beard style

Do you have the raw manpower for a beard where your facial hairs grow down to your chest? If so, the biker beard look is for you.

This beard style is the classic beard on steroids. Long facial hair growth is key.

Keep this beard style in line by shaping your beard in a way that promotes beard growth down, but not far out to the sides.

Beard Style #9 - The Patchy Beard

patchy beard style

Image credit:

Thanks to one of our favorite movies, John Wick, the longer patchy beard is on the list.

Some might argue this is a short beard style but if you maintain healthy facial hair, you'll be able to get enough length to pull this look off. If left too short, a patchy beard only results in you looking like your high school yearbook picture.

Guys who go for this beard usually need some beard growing help.

So, make sure to use beard products that promote growth, keep your skin healthy and use a product, like our  derma roller to stimulate hair follicles.

Keep your beard healthy and follow some of our beard growing tips and one day you might graduate from the patchy beard into a classic beard. 

Beard Style #10 - The Viking Beard

viking beard style

Is that a norse god or Jeremy from down the way?

The viking beard  is a panty dropper that requires some serious commitment.

Lucky for you, the viking beard is one of our favorite styles and it's also the perfect way to let your facial hair grow out during those times when no other style will do.

The upkeep on this beard type includes regularly trimming any errant hairs or whiskers, especially along the sides of your face. Extra vertical length is a good thing here, especially if you plan to throw a beard braid in.

Want to keep your beard hairs from getting brittle and breaking? Try almond oil. Or, try our awesome Wild Willies Beard Soft.

Long Beard Style Summary

The longer the beard, the more finesse you need in your beard routine.

Follow our long beard grooming tips above to maximize growth and style and minimize "wow, he really let himself go."

Use a beard shampoo and conditioner to keep your beard soft and reduce the chance of itchiness.

Make sure your facial hair grows long enough to try some of the styles listed above or, focus on some of the short beard styles we featured.

Beard Growth Products

From beard growth oil to beard shampoo, we're going to detail the most important products you need for the ultimate beard.

If you aren't a naturally hairy dude, no worries, we've got a few products on this list that promote beard growth.

Choose one, or choose them all. The thicker the beard, the better.

  1. Beard Oil
  2. Beard Shampoo
  3. Beard Roller

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a great way to keep your beard healthy and looking good. They soften your beard while keeping it moisturized to avoid breaking or becoming frizzy.

A little goes a long way, so don't apply too much or you'll create more grease than a pig on a spit.

You can't go wrong with our Original Beard Oil. It is an essential product in your badass beard boosting toolkit.

In addition, if you are looking for a little extra help from some powerful ingredients, try our Wild Willies BEARD BOOST serum. It helps promote hair growth with powerful ingredients like caffeine and biotin.

It is also a great beard moisturizer.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

$ 10.00

A Badass Beard Oil that hydrates and softens your beard. The right consistency so your beard feels soft yet not greasy.  Restores Moisture Leaves your beard feeling soft Leak-proof easy to use pump  … Read More

Beard Shampoo

Beard shampoo achieves two key things. One - keeps your beard from stinking. Two - keeps your beard from stinking.

Don't be that guy and ruin beards for the rest of us, man!

Looking for a great beard shampoo that will keep your beard clean while softening your facial hair? Check out our PROGRO beard shampoo.

All jokes aside, skin care is an important part of beard care. If you don't clean your beard regularly you could end up with itchy, flaky skin. Then, you'll have to shave and rinse all your hard work down the drain.

So, save the plumber a trip and keep your beard clean and your skin healthy with some shampoo.

Beard Shampoo - with PROGRO

Beard Shampoo - with PROGRO

$ 13.00

The perfect, all-natural way to keep your beard clean. Packed with organic essential oils to clean and condition all beard types. Stop washing your beard with hair shampoo.… Read More

Beard Roller

This torture device looking item is actually one of our favourite tools to promote hair growth. Our aptly named Derma Roller is amazing for three reasons:

  1. Increases the absorption of topical skin & beard care products to over 500% - maximizing their effectiveness.
  2.  Improves skin tone and helps stimulate hair growth.
  3.  Safe and Painless. (NO BLEEDING)

Take  note of these safety tips:

  1. Don't use it on acne or irritated skin.
  2. Don't use under eyes or on lips.
  3. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  4. Do not share with others.
  5. Please keep away from children.

Derma Roller

Derma Roller

$ 25.00

BRING OUT THE FULL SPIRIT OF YOUR BEARD Say goodbye to patchy, not full beards! Are you looking to give your beard its best chance to fill in? Stop trying to grow a beard without using a derma roller.  Micro… Read More


If you follow the tips laid out in this article - you'll be a bearded brother of ours in no time.

Found success with our tips or products? Send us a picture. 

We love hearing from our customers.

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