Best Facial Hair Styles For Your Face Shape

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While there are numerous types of beards and corresponding styles, they may not all fit your unique facial structure. Here are the facial hair styles that best suit the shape of your face.

Facial Hair Styles | Grow Your Beard Depending On Your Face Shape


1. Round Face Shape

bearded man smiling | Best Facial Hair Styles For Your Face Shape
The first step in knowing the right beard for you is determining your face shape.

Now, “round-faced” does not automatically equate to fat. Regardless of their size, some men simply have a facial morphology which consists of wide cheekbones, a short chin, and a wide jawline that is aligned with or sits on top of the lips.

If you have this type of face, you want to downplay the roundness. Try to grow a beard that gives the illusion of a more angular and pronounced chin. Beards that are long on the chin and grow shorter  up the cheeks help emphasize the chin.

As much as possible, try to avoid long and thick beards that could make the face look rounder. Keep your beard narrow and do not grow the facial hair too wide.

Facial hair styles: Van Dyke beard, Balbo beard, Anchor beard, Short boxed beard, Goatee


2. Square Face Shape

closeup photo of bearded man face | Best Facial Hair Styles For Your Face Shape
Congratulations, man. That wide and thick jawbone paired with a strong, angular chin is worthy of Hollywood actors like Henry Cavill and Brad Pitt.

For those of you who have this face shape, you should definitely take advantage of your square jaw. Trim your beard short on the sides and thicker on the chin. This should help accentuate your already-strong jaw.

Keep your beard well-maintained. Do not allow it to grow too long or shaggy.

Facial hair styles: Goatee, Circle beard, Royale beard, Petite Goatee


3. Triangular Face Shape

Men with triangular faces typically have a prominent chin paired with a jawline that is wider than their cheekbones.

If you have this face type, grow a beard that draws attention away from the chin. Keep the hair on the chin short and grow it higher on your face.

Keep the hair on the cheeks trimmed and avoid sideburns that are too thick. These give the impression of a more pointed face as it widens your already-broad jawline.

Facial hair styles: Full moustache, Beardstache, heavy stubble-like beard


4. Rectangular Face Shape


Rectangular-faced men have a wide forehead matched with a deep, square chin. They have long faces with wide jawbones that are positioned slightly above the lips.


Keeping the beard long on the sides and short on the bottom is ideal for those with this face type. It shows off the strong facial structure of those who are manly enough to grow it. Just avoid wearing a moustache-only facial hair style. It will only emphasize your face’s rectangular shape instead of giving it a more suave look.

Facial hair styles: Gunslinger beard and moustache, Mutton chops beard, Chin strip, Chin strap style beard


5. Diamond Face Shape


An imposing jawline, prominent cheekbones, and a long and narrow chin characterize a diamond face.


Those with this type of face ought to grow a beard that helps square the features. Keep some hair on the chin to give it a more rounded look and to reduce its pointedness. Grow the beard a little wider on the cheeks and the sides of the face.

Men with this face type benefit most from a thick beard that covers the face paired with some long sideburns that help even it out.

Facial hair styles: Full beard, Balbo beard, Chin strap and moustache combo


6. Heart-Shaped Face

bearded man with eyeglasses | Best Facial Hair Styles For Your Face Shape

This particular face shape is the opposite of the triangle face shape. Men with this facial morphology have a forehead that is larger than their cheekbones. This is matched with a jawline that leads to a pointed chin.

The best beard styles for this type of face are those that help even out its shape. Sideburns are the best friends of men with heart-shaped faces. Grow your sideburns long and thick. Keep your beard long towards the side to help give your jaw a more square look. Your beard should help lessen the appearance of length, so keep it short or even absent at the chin.

Facial hair styles: Mutton chops, Chin curtain, Extended goatee


7. Oval Face Shape

man doing groceries | Best Facial Hair Styles For Your Face Shape
You have cheekbones that are slightly wider than your somewhat rounded jaw. Get up and thank the beard gods for they have blessed you well, my friend.

This face shape is perfect for growing any type of beard. It is the most ideal face shape for those looking to grow a beard as it sits cozily in the middle of all the face shapes. Just try to avoid a goatee that is too long as it could overstretch the profile of your face

Facial hair styles: Take your pick, good sir!


Check out this video from Men's Trendy Hairstyles:

While you may be able to grow a long and strong mane, this does not always mean that it suits your face well. Growing a beard is so much more than just keeping it thick. If you truly want to look like a real man, study your face shape first. After that, grow a beard that works well with your face and look like the lion you know you are.

Do you have other suggestions on the best facial hair styles for these face shapes? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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