How To Trim Your Beard Neckline Like A Pro

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Are you having trouble shaping your beard neckline? We’ve created a simple step-by-step beard neckline guide to help you find the best beard shape for your face. Grab your razor and shaving cream and prepare to sculpt your sexiest beard yet.

3 Easy Steps to Achieve The Perfect Beard Neckline


Step 1: Visualize an Ear-to-Ear Line

The first thing you should do is determine the height of your beard neckline. To do this, visualize a line coming straight from behind one earlobe, going directly under your jaw, and straight to your other ear. This is the height of your neckline beard.

If your beard does not go as low as the suggested neckline or jawline beard height, then adjust it accordingly. However, be careful not to trim your beard neckline too high when doing this. You can only adjust it a few centimeters to make sure no stray hair strands are in your beard neckline.

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Step 2: Determine The Width of Your Beard

A beard that’s too narrow or wide is the same as trimming a beard neckline too low or high – it’s just plain wrong. After getting the height of your beard neckline, it’s time to figure out the perfect width. Similar to the first step, visualize an imaginary line and use it as a guide.

First, remember the placement of your ear-to-ear line. Next, visualize a line that extends from the back of your sideburns down to where it meets the ear-to-ear line.

Congratulations, you have now determined the perfect beard neckline.

Step 3: Shave It Off

man holding razor | How to Trim Your Beard Neckline Like a Pro | How to Trim Your Beard Neckline Like a Pro

Now that you have the perfect beard width and height, it’s time to actually shave it off. You can use a clipper, razor, or whatever beard neckline tool to shave off every single strand outside the boundaries of your beard neckline. Also, you can opt to round off the sides to a shape you think suits your face.

Don’t worry if you mess up on your first try. Stubble will set in after a couple of days and you can start over. In fact, you have to be patient when it comes to finding the best beard shape for your face. Remember that it takes trial and error to get it. There’s no one-size-fits-all beard neckline, so a little experimentation is practically required.

Why Trim My Beard Neckline?

Proper beard grooming is subjective to a certain degree. But one thing’s for sure: neckbeard is not attractive. It’s unsightly and it ruins all types of facial hair. Sadly, neckbeard is also one of the most common beard-growing errors. Luckily, it’s not difficult to learn how to fix a beard neckline. You just have to dedicate some time and research to determine the best beard neckline for your face.

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This is just a simple beard neckline guide. Feel free to explore other beard neckline styles. Whether you’re going with a long beard neckline or a short beard neckline, what’s important is to find the style that best suits you. Lose the neckbeard today to see how much of a difference it makes on your face.

Have you found the perfect beard neckline for your face? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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