Do Men Look Better With Beards? Survey Says Absolutely

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When it comes to facial hair, you probably think that attractiveness is purely a matter of personal taste. You’d be right to a point, but trends can influence friends, family, lovers and coworkers, too. For better or worse, other people form an opinion of you based on what they see, and your face is the first place they look. So, what’s the verdict? Do men look better with beards or without?

Do Men Look Better With Beards to Women?

Going by ads for shaving products, you would think that women prefer a smooth face every time. Not according to science. It turns out that “tall, dark and handsome” is code for “has a great beard.”

The Ladies’ Man

Bearded men with bulging muscles aren’t just for the covers of romance novels. A great beard can have the same effect in real life. According to several studies, men with beards are more attractive to women than clean-shaven guys.

Why do men look better with beards from a woman’s point of view? Put simply, beards make you look more manly.

If you want to catch a lady’s eye right away, masculine features such as beards are the way to go. Women also tend to find strong brows and wide jaws masculine and attractive, at least when it comes to first impressions.

Daddy’s Girl

Childhood experiences can also influence how much women like beards. Girls who felt loved and protected by a father who wore a beard are more likely to see beards as a desirable feature in a man. They may even encourage their partner to grow a beard, dropping hints about how handsome he looks with a fuller beard on vacation.

A Question of Stubble

Do men look better with beards that are longer or shorter? It turns out that women find certain beard styles more attractive than others.

Guys who have heavy stubble (about 10 days) enjoy the number one spot. Heavy stubble gives you a healthy, confident, easygoing look.

Second place is technically a tie between men with heavy beards and clean-shaven guys. That said, men with heavy beards won in a different category: as potential fathers. The majority of women think that men who have a full beard are more likely to make good fathers and life partners.

Women rank guys who have five-day light stubble as least attractive. At five days, beards are barely getting started. They look messy, patchy and unprofessional. If you need a helping hand with thin stubble, look for high-quality products that promote healthier, fuller beard growth ASAP.

Partner Preferences

Not all women are crazy about guys with beards, though. Some people dislike beards because of negative experiences in the past, such as ex-boyfriends who cheated.

Some women don’t like facial hair because of its scratchy texture. Other partners get turned off by fears of germs, though keeping your beard squeaky clean may help.

If you want to know what your partner thinks, just ask: “Do men look better with beards or without?” The answer may leave you pleasantly surprised.

Great Products for an Endlessly Kissable Beard

Of course, attracting the ladies with your suave appearance is only the first step. You also need to make sure your beard is the right blend of manly and kissable. That’s where beard oils and butters come in.

Just like you take great care of your hair with a shampoo designed to hydrate and protect, you also need to nourish a healthy beard. Beard oil moisturizes your face and facial hair. Balm is a styling product that provides excellent day-to-day hydration at the same time.

Do Men Look Better With Beards in the World of Business?

Now that you know that most women find your beard desirable, the next question is whether a beard will impact your career. Many people have the idea that beards are frowned upon in business circles. Is this true or just another myth designed to sell shaving cream?

The Value of Experience and Trustworthiness

It may surprise you to learn that many people have more trust in salesmen with beards. According to one study, people view bearded business professionals as more experienced and trustworthy. This makes sense because beards tend to make you look older. Age and wisdom usually go hand in hand, which can translate into customers looking to you for advice over clean-shaven coworkers.

Mixed Results

The popularity of beards isn’t the same everywhere. People in some areas have different opinions on who looks most attractive and most trustworthy. The good news is that even where clean-shaven guys have an advantage, men who have a full beard are generally in a close second place.

Age Differences

The decade you grew up in can decide how you answer the question “Do men look better with beards?” Younger generations generally view beards as attractive, masculine and desirable. On the other hand, over 50% of seniors view clean-shaven men as more attractive. In a decade, an even greater number of business clients may look favorably on professionals who have beards.

Job Applications

Rocking a full beard to your job interview may not always be the best idea. On one hand, if the company’s executives wear beards, you may make a good impression by being yourself — beard and all.

On the other hand, for job positions that require the utmost cleanliness, a beard can be a liability. For example, if you want to work in nursing or food service, the interviewer may hesitate to hire you, at least when comparing you to clean-shaven candidates.

Of course, if you consider your beard an important part of your identity, you should stick to your guns.

Do Men Look Better With Beards in Your Opinion?

Remember that men grow beards, not the other way around. You are who you are, and you should be proud. A beard is a way for you to express your personality.

Confidence, determination and honor come from inside. The man you are underneath the beard is what makes you truly masculine.

Do men look better with beards to you? Then make yours the best darn beard out there. Show off your beard and hang out with other beard lovers at Wild Willies on Facebook.

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