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1. 9 Horrifyingly Delicious Halloween Dinner Ideas

These nine Halloween dinner ideas are to die for (not literally, though — or at least you hope)... Click to read more

2. How To Land One Of These 7 High-Paying Careers

Everyone dreams of having a high-paying career when they grow up, but most people tend to believe that success and money only arise in the corporate world. That isn’t exactly true. This article gives you seven careers to look into the next time you’re on the search for your perfect career... Click to read more

3. Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards

In this article, we give you a list of the best beard oils that beard aficionados are raving about in the market today... Click to read more

4. Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys With Beards

Guys with beards won’t have a tough time looking for a Halloween costume this year, because today we’re laying down nine cool suggestions on which costumes a bearded man should wear. Read on to get some solid inspo... Click to read more

5. The Right Way To Grow A Beard | Tools, Tips, and Tricks

There are different ways and ideas for how to grow a beard. Whether you’re a bare-faced beard-growing virgin or a grizzled vet, this article is full of helpful tips and tricks on how to get your beard growing and how to take care of it... Click to read more

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