How to Untangle Your Beard with A Beard Comb

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A beard comb separates the men from the boys, since a well-groomed beard is a hallmark of sophistication. Find out how to use a beard comb and how to select the right one.

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  2. Pro Tip: Choosing the Right Beard Comb for You

How to Use a Beard Comb Like a Boss



The Savvy Bearded Guy’s Way: Directions To Comb a Beard

Step 1. Prepare Your Tools and Beard Care Products


Aside from your beard comb, you'll need beard balm or beard oil. By lathering your beard with these items, you are protecting your beard from wear and tear. A dry beard is prone to splits and tangles.


Step 2. Use the Right Portions

Put a pea-sized portion or two of the beard product on your palms and spread on both hands. You don't want to use too much product because this makes your beard too oily.

Step 3. Grip Your Comb Lightly

Hold your comb as light as when you hold your toothbrush. A light touch prevents you from accidentally breaking hairs if the comb’s teeth hit tangles.

Step 4. Work from the Back and the Bottom First

Start at the bottom of your beard, making sure you spread it across the back. It's okay if you mess your beard up using your hands.

Step 5. Go for Side Action

Use another portion of the product if the bottom and back part of your beard exhausted the balm or the oil. Now, massage the product on your sideburns and then move down to the sides of your beard.

Step 6. Put Some on the Chin

Now, put the balm or the oil on your chin hair and move downwards to the front of your beard.

Step 7. Use Your Beard Comb to Comb Upwards First

Take out your beard comb and start combing from the bottom backside moving up. Afterward, use upward strokes to comb the side portions of your beard and your sideburns. Don't worry if this fluffs your beard up because this will separate the hairs and allow them to settle by each other.

Step 8. Stop When You Hit a Snag

There will come a point that you’ll encounter tangles. When that happens, don’t use brute force with the comb to untangle. Just stop and comb gently in the opposite direction.

Step 9. Finish by Combing Down

Finally, go for a well-groomed finish by combing down and making sure all the hairs are in place. You can take this slowly and leisurely in order to make sure you aren’t forcing the hairs to untangle. Combing slowly also stimulates the skin underneath and promotes circulation in that area.


Pro Tip: Choosing the Right Beard Comb for You

Pro Tip: Choosing the Right Beard Comb for You | How to Untangle Your Beard with A Beard Comb

We’ve answered several questions on beard combs in one of our articles here before. But we’d like to take the time to go in-depth on how to choose the right beard comb in case you’re in the market for one. There are many types of comb out there, from your average drugstore find to the more professional hair combs, so here's a guide before you get all confused.

1. What the Beard Comb Is Made Of

Beard combs come in plastic, ox horn, wood, and metal. Each of these materials offers advantages and disadvantages. Plastic beard combs are gentle on your beard but aren't as durable. Ox horn beard combs won’t zap you with static. Wooden beard combs are an ideal choice, but like plastic, they aren't as durable. Finally, there are metal beard combs which can be a good buy if you want something you’ll use for a lifetime.

2. Space Between Teeth

You need to pay attention to the width of the teeth. Beard combs can come as wide-toothed, medium-toothed, or fine-toothed. Wide-toothed beard combs are perfect for the longer and bushier beards. Medium-toothed combs, on the other hand, can be used for both short or long beards. Lastly, fine-toothed beard combs are the ones to use if you want a well-groomed and well-kept appearance as you’ll be able to fine-tune the beard hairs better.

3. Porousness

Beard combs need to be porous so they spread beard oils and beard balms better. This is why a lot of men choose wooden beard combs.

4. Machine-Manufactured vs Handcrafted Beard Combs

Machine-made beard combs may have sharp jagged edges in between teeth when you look at them using a microscope. As you can guess, these edges effectively saw beard hairs and damage them. If you want to avoid this, definitely go for a handmade beard comb with polished teeth.

5. Long-Lasting

Like most products, look for durability. This is what makes metal beard combs stand out from other types.


Here’s a simple preview of our own Wild Willies Killer Beard Comb:

A beard comb should be your go-to piece of equipment in your beard grooming kit. Choosing the right one based on the criteria we’ve given above is highly essential. And when you’ve found your right one, the set of instructions above will help you work your beard and groom it to perfection.

What do you think about this guide on how to use the beard comb? Let us know in the comments section below.

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