How much beard balm to use for the perfect beard [2021]

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Like most men with a beard, you know your beard products and have your favorites.

I bet beard balm is one of those products.

Why? Well, beard balm is a great product for men with a medium to large beard style.

It is stronger than oil and actually resembles a pomade more than anything.

Beard Balm Guide

Beard Balm absorbs slower than beard oil does so it provides more nourishing and long-lasting moisture to your beard.

This is also what gives your beard a healthy sheen without making it look and feel oily.

The density of Beard Balm is also functional. It has enough hold to keep hairs combed down and styled into whatever beard style you're trying to achieve.

Depending on what style of beard you have, a beard comb may be part of your daily routine.

Do you ever find wild rogue hairs on your face?

Beard balms can fight split ends and unruly hair, reduce irritation, and make your beard softer.

If there is one thing I know about beard health it's that Hell hath no fury like an itchy beard. That’s part of the reason we developed Wild Willies Beard Butter.

Beard Butters

Beard Butters

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Pro Tip: For a little more finish around the edges, you can use a Beard Balm as a styling agent to tame your mustache or sideburns.

How much beard balm to use for the perfect beard

Here are our tips for how much beard balm to use:

  1. Avoid applying too much beard balm to your beard. Otherwise, your facial hair may end up looking too greasy. 
  2. A pea-sized amount of beard balm is enough for a medium length beard and an almond sized amount of beard balm is enough for a long beard.
  3. For a layered beard style - apply the balm to your facial hair ends by twirling the tips between your fingers.

You don’t have to be a professional barber to use beard balms, as even novices can begin to work wonders on their facial hair straight away!

A beard balm can be applied to either dry or wet hair, making beard styles easy to achieve.

Pro Tip: Distribute the beard balm in the palm of your hand and rub it with your fingers to make it more pliable.

It’s best to have the balm slightly melted and softened so that it can be evenly worked through your beard.

Beard Balm helps keep facial hairs in line

Beard Balm and Beard Oil

A lot of guys, myself included, will use a little beard oil before finishing their beard style with some beard balm.

A word to the wise... don't overuse either product. A small amount of beard oil will keep your beard feeling soft and a finishing touch of beard balm will keep your beard in shape all day.

How to use beard balm

You'll love this quick Beard Balm video:

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