How to Maintain a Beard

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Nobody wants to have a messy, unkempt beard. Keeping it clean, healthy, and tamed will take some effort, but we're here to give you all the best tips to do so. It doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process that costs you an arm and a leg. It can be inexpensive and something that only takes a few minutes each day.

Here are some of our top tips for keeping your beard healthy and looking its very best.

Use The Right Products

Using the right products is the first step to having a good-looking beard. You want to make sure you are keeping it clean, nourished, and untangled. Every man may have different needs when it comes to their beard, but you should always have the basics.

These are some products we think every man should keep in their beard care arsenal and some of our favorite ones to purchase.

Beard Wash

A good beard wash is the most important product you can add to your beard care regimen. Your beard hair is different from the hair on your head, so you should have a wash specifically formulated for it. Washing your beard on a regular basis, about 1-3 times a week, is the key to keeping it healthy and looking great. You should be careful not to wash it too much because it can cause dry, itchy, and unruly beard hair and skin.

Product Recommendation: Wild Willies Beard Wash

The Wild Willies Beard Wash contains natural ingredients to keep your beard clean, soft, and fresh without harming your skin and hair. It is great for all beard and skin types and cleans your beard without stripping away natural oils your beard needs to stay healthy.

Beard Scrub

If you are trying to grow a healthy and full beard, you need to make sure the skin underneath it is happy and healthy. Using a beard scrub regularly will help to remove dirt, sweat, and dead skin that a regular beard wash can't reach. This keeps the skin smooth, moisturized, and free of dandruff and ingrown hairs.

Product Recommendation: Wild Willies Tough Scrub

The Wild Willies Tough Scrub is infused with activated charcoal to give your beard and skin an even deeper clean. It works hard to remove dead skin, dirt, and oil from pores. It also works to unclog hair follicles so that you avoid getting ingrown hairs.

Tough Scrub Face Wash Exfoliator

Tough Scrub Face Wash Exfoliator

$ 10.00

The Best Face Scrub For Oily Skin Is Wild Willies Tough Scrub Premium Face Exfoliation Tough Scrub is the more aggressive brother of True Cleanse. Tough Scrub is for those times when one needs to call in the artillery.  Fortified… Read More

Beard Oil

Beard oil is something every man with a beard needs to use. It helps to replenish the natural oils that your beard needs to stay hydrated that might be lost after washing it. You should use beard oil after washing your beard and most days in between, depending on how dry your beard is.

Good beard oil will:

  • Soften and hydrate your facial hair

  • Promote new growth

  • Keep your beard tame and untangled

  • Keep your skin underneath soft and moisturized

Product Recommendation: Wild Willies Beard Oil

Wild Willies Beard Oil uses a special formula to not only nourish and moisturize the beard but also promote new growth. It contains a special Biositol AsX blend to help stimulate new growth so that your beard stays looking healthy and full.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

$ 10.00

A Badass Beard Oil that hydrates and softens your beard. The right consistency so your beard feels soft yet not greasy.  Restores Moisture Leaves your beard feeling soft Leak-proof easy to use pump  … Read More

Beard Balm

Beard balms are similar to beard oils because they help to soften and moisturize the beard and skin. Beard balms are thicker in their consistency and may also double as a styling product because they offer some level of hold. Most people won't need to use both a beard balm and beard oil together. The one you use will be personal preference. We suggest always following up with your beard butter after you wash your beard.

Product Recommendation: Wild Willies Beard Butter

Wild Willies Beard Butter is formulated to fight split ends and unruly hair and reduce irritation, dandruff, itchiness, and flaky skin, all while making your beard softer and more moisturized. It also contains the Biositol AsX blend to help stimulate new hair growth. This beard butter also can be doubled as a styling product because it can help keep your beard in place all day long.

Beard Butter

Beard Butter

$ 10.00

Looking to nourish & soften your beard, but don't want to deal with messy & greasy oils? Use a beard butter/balm. All the same benefits of beard oil with a matte finish and mild hold for styling. Restores moisture Leaves… Read More

Keep Your Beard Clean

Keeping your beard clean is the single most important thing you need to do to maintain a healthy beard. Dirt, sweat, and dead skin can build up on the skin under your beard and make your beard dirty. It is recommended that you wash your beard 1-2 times a week, being careful not to wash it too often so that you don't dry it out.

When your beard is clean, you're creating a happy and healthy environment for the hair to continue to grow and thrive. When it's not clean, you can start to get dandruff, itchiness, dry and brittle hair, and split ends.

Product Recommendation: Wild Willies True Cleanse

We recommend using the Wild Willies True Cleanse to keep your beard clean. It's formulated with all-natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, so your skin and beard aren't irritated. It also uses activated charcoal to clean deep into the pores and keep your skin and beard refreshed.

True Cleanse Face Wash

True Cleanse Face Wash

$ 9.99

High Quality Face Wash For Sensitive Skin True Cleanse is specifically created for men who want to scrub away the grease and grime of the day, but don't want to smell like their woman's skin care line. After a long… Read More

Trim and Shape Your Beard

Trimming and shaping your beard will keep your beard looking its best and keep it healthy. Split ends aren't just something you get on the hair on your head; your beard can get them too. It's important you give your beard a regular trim so you can get those dead ends off.

A good place to start is trimming up around your neck and cheek line and then moving into shaping your beard to look how you like.

To trim and shape your beard, you'll want to make sure you have the right tools. You'll need a good beard brush, a type of trimming tool, a comb, and a beard shaper.

Product Recommendation: Wild Willies Expert Grooming Kit

The Wild Willies Expert Grooming Kit contains a pair of scissors, a boar bristle brush, a safety razor, a comb, and a shaping tool. This kit has all the necessities you will need to successfully trim and shape your beard.

Expert Grooming Kit

Expert Grooming Kit

$ 25.00

Tame flyaways and keep beard lines clean with the Wild Willies Expert Kit.What's Included:-  1x Pro Scissors-  1x Boar Bristle Brush-  1x Safety Razor (Includes 3 Blades)-  1x Composite Comb-  1x Edge ToolKeep your beard tidy and groomed … Read More

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