How To Smell Good All The Time

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Learn the basics of how to smell good with this how-to article. Banish the fear of body odor disease and learn how to take care of yourself while smelling good in the process. By the way, in case you didn’t know, smelling good is a surefire way how to be more attractive. So, follow the steps below and get a head start on your hygiene.

How to Smell Good: Upgrade Yourself


1. Take A Shower

In this day and age, it should already be a given that people need to take their hygiene very seriously. Sweat and dirt can accumulate in nooks and crannies all over the body, with or without a trip to the gym. Perspiration gets even worse in warmer climates too. So, a daily shower is almost non-negotiable at this point.

When showering, remember to use the right cleansers for the face and body. Get something that fits your skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, or combination. Remember, the best body wash is out there somewhere. Don’t forget to pick one in your preferred fragrance too. After all, you wouldn’t want to waft a scent you hated, right?

2. Shun Oily Hair

Hair can accumulate all the different smells of the environment, especially the odor of greasy food oils. So remember to wash with a mild shampoo to banish the smells of yesterday’s lunch.

Suffering from oily hair? Daily hair washing might worsen the condition. Instead, opt for dry shampoos in between washing your hair every other day.

3. Wash The Beard

Facial hair should never be forgotten when it comes to cleanliness. The method of regular cleaning differs on the actual length of the beard. Short beards can get away with a facial wash, while longer ones may call for some beard shampoo. Washing the beard ensures there aren’t any pieces of gunk hitching a ride on your face. If left unattended, the accumulated dirt and grime may lead to pimples and foul odor.

As tempting as it may be, always remember not to wash the beard every day. 1-2 times a week is enough because daily washes can strip the beard of its natural oils. In turn, your beard may turn dry and coarse.

4. Use Deodorant

There are a ton of all-natural deodorant products and brands to choose from, if you're iffy about chemical formulations. Some even have deodorant or antiperspirant options, to suit your active lifestyle. Choose the latter if you find yourself sweating profusely throughout the day, to reduce the chances of body odor.

5. Choose Similar Scents

There’s nothing worse than slapping on different overpowering scents and feeling lightheaded and dizzy in the process. Pick similarly-fragranced products when shopping for toiletries. This reduces any clashes in scents. Fragrance-free options are also a good option if you prefer your cologne’s scent to stand out.

6. Wear Cologne Properly

Always moisturize the body beforehand, especially the parts where cologne will be applied. Doing so helps the cologne’s scent stay longer on the body. Remember to aim for the pulse points, such as the inner wrists and the sides of the neck, for a smell that can last all day.

7. Do Not Reuse Clothes

A gentleman usually has two sets of clothes on the body. The inner clothes are the ones that make direct contact with his body, such as undershirts and underwear. The outers, on the other hand, are those seen by most of his peers, such as a suit, a polo, or pants. Both clothes can be affected by different smells.

Inner clothes make the most contact with skin and tend to pick up sweat, so they should be placed in a laundry basket as soon as possible. Outer clothes may also pick up stenches of tobacco and food, so it’s best to have them washed after wearing as well. However, if they need to be reused, simply make sure to air the fabric out. This helps reduce the smells it may have picked up prior.


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Now that you know how to smell good, it’s time to pick a scent profile you like. Pick from musky or earthy scents with hints of sandalwood and patchouli. Not a fan of the strong smells? Opt for clean and energizing scents instead. Both will work as long as they’re not too overpowering for the nose.

Have extra tips on how to smell good? Leave them in the comments section below!

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