Trying To Find The Perfect Beard Softener? Use These 6 Products for Good Beard Care

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Growing a beard means investing in certain beard grooming products such as a beard softener. Not only do they make the facial hair look epic, but they can also provide an amazing beard growth. Here are some amazing products that can give you a soft beard.

1. Beard Wash

An excellent beard softener is a beard wash, which can sometimes act as a beard shampoo.

Good beard care starts in the shower. This product is a better choice than a regular shampoo or soap, which can leave residues that can lead to a dry beard and beard itch.

An effective wash contains natural ingredients of essential oils and vitamins that will help moisturize as well as clean and hydrate the skin underneath.

To use it, work the beard wash into the facial hair, moving from tips to roots. Don’t wash the tips only. Get as close as possible to the roots to get rid of dirt and excess oils.

Give your face a good rinse and then reach for the beard softener.

2. Beard Softener

Beard Softener | Trying To Find The Perfect Beard Softener? Use These Products for Good Beard Care | beard conditioner | soften your beard | beard grooming

A beard softener, sometimes referred to as a beard conditioner, works on the facial hair and the sensitive skin under it.

If you have regular beard hair, usually, the shampoo is often enough. If you want to tame and soften your beard further, use this product.

Unruly beard normally happens when your hair is dry due to not having enough moisture. What the conditioner does is to supplement what your beard needs. A good beard softener can also help in detangling the hairs, so they are more manageable.

To shop for a beard softener, look for products rich in essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint. They provide a tingling sensation that treats the pores and the beard hair at the same time. You also need to choose between two options: normal daily wash and rinse.

To apply the beard softener, work it from tip to root like you do with the wash and then rinse it right away.

Several times a month—or more if you want—you should deep condition your beard. The process is the same except you leave the beard softener for up to five minutes before rinsing. Doing this provides enhanced moisturizing and softening, so it’s worth the extra few minutes in the shower.

If overwashing is leaving the beard hair feeling dry and brittle and the skin under it irritated, then skip the wash and just apply the conditioner for daily care. You can wash every few days instead. The conditioner is enough to clean and soften the hair without drying it out.

3. Beard Oil

Beard oil, which is sometimes called a beard balm, is another critical beard care product. Made with natural vitamins and natural oils, it takes care of the hair follicles, nourishing, softening, and promoting their growth. The oil also helps prevent beard dandruff caused by dry skin flaking off under the hair.

You can use the beard oil after the beard softener and once you’re out of the shower. Start by applying the oil onto the skin and then working it out to the end of the hairs.

4. Beard Comb

To have a truly lustrous soft beard means the right maintenance, so think beyond cleaning. It includes combing the beard.

Regular combs are effective for any beard but may work better for bearded men with long facial hair.

If you want something multipurpose (doesn’t matter how long your facial hair is), buy a beard comb. A good-quality one is usually made from a durable material such as aluminum. It also fits nicely in your wallet for emergency beard care.

5. Beard Brush

Beard Brush | Trying To Find The Perfect Beard Softener? Use These Products for Good Beard Care | beard conditioner | soften your beard | beard grooming

If you have a shorter beard, one of the beard care products you need is a beard brush. You can also use it to style mustaches.

Look for a beard brush made with natural bristles. Synthetic ones are weak and fall off easily. Try something small enough to fit in your pocket or toiletry kit. A brush with a tiered design works well on all styles of beards too.

6. Shaping Tool

Shaping Tool | Trying To Find The Perfect Beard Softener? Use These Products for Good Beard Care | beard conditioner | soften your beard | beard grooming

A healthy beard doesn’t have split ends, so you have to be diligent with trimming and shaping.

Electric trimmers are good for basic use but consider a precision shaping tool for cuts to the sideburns, goatee, beard, and neckline.

It allows you to achieve facial symmetry, so the beard looks slick and well balanced. The tool rests against your face as a guide while you shave around it to fine-tune and define your facial hair.


Scared to trim your beard? This video from Jordan O’Brien is a good tutorial to start:

When it comes to making your beard look its best, you consider using the right products. A beard softener, along with the other beard products, can make your facial hair manageable, stylish, sleek, and healthy. Don’t forget these products have an amazing scent, so you smell good all the time too.

How do you take care and soften your beard? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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