How To Tie A Tie: Choose The Right Tie Style For Your Beard

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Knowing how to tie a tie is one thing. A bearded man choosing the right bowtie or necktie that goes well with his facial hair is another. You can master how to tie a double Windsor knot or an Eldredge knot but if these don't match your chosen look well, you'll just look like a bearded buffoon. In this article, aside from the different tie knots, we’ll also discuss how to choose the right tie.

How to Tie a Tie | Neck Accessorizing for Bearded Men

In This Article:

  1. Matching the Tie to the Style of Your Beard
  2. Mixing and Matching Necktie and Beard Colors
  3. Grooming Your Beard to Sharpen Your Look in Your Ensemble 

Matching the Tie to the Style of Your Beard

Let’s face it: Your beard is also a fashion statement, and one that mirrors your individuality and lifestyle. In the same vein, your beard will complement particular accessories and vice-versa. For instance, your beard and tie can definitely come together to highlight your overall look. Here are some great tie suggestions that’ll match particular beard styles.

1. Mutton Chops



When you sport a mutton chop-and-‘stache combo that makes you look at home on a Harley, you can shock friends at a fancy dinner party by pairing it with a butterfly tie. Select from patterns like polka dots and paisley for a preppy look, which will play off your manly mug nicely.

2. Amish Beard



If you’re sporting the Abraham Lincoln look which keeps the beard sans the mustache, your best bet is a bolo tie. The rather solemn, austere look of your scruff can be offset by the adventurous, frontiersman charm of this kind of tie. Since a bolo tie is a controversial choice as people either love it or hate it, you’ll have to boldly step up and own this style choice.

3. French Fork/Split Beard



When your beard is sporting two ends a la the French Split, the only direction people’s eyes will see are those two vertical lines moving downwards. You’ll need to balance this out by getting a pointed bow tie. Since a pointed bow tie’s ends extend laterally, it’ll look great with your beard.

4. The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack | How To Tie A Tie: Choose The Right Tie Style For Your Beard | how to tie a windsor knot

The lumberjack will give you that gruff look every time. Pick a club bow tie to soften the image. Remember, you should always pick a plaid one. After all, you can't separate a lumberjack from his signature style--even for a fancy occasion.

5. Goatee

Goatee | How To Tie A Tie: Choose The Right Tie Style For Your Beard | eldredge knot

The goatee made a comeback in the 2000s after decades of obsolescence. Men from different walks of life sport it, from Hollywood stars to airplane technicians. When you’re rocking something this mainstream, you’ll need to up the ante and wear something a little more attention-grabbing, like a big butterfly tie.

6. Medium-to-Large Beards

Medium to Large Beards | How To Tie A Tie: Choose The Right Tie Style For Your Beard | different tie knots

Wearing a tie isn’t a problem if you’re keeping your beard around the short-to-medium scale. But when you grow your beard beyond the medium zone, chances are your scruff will cover your neck and the necktie or bowtie. So what’s the point of even buying one if your facial hair will just drape over it, right?

Plus, if you do wear a neck accessory and a dress shirt, the tie and the collar will get in the way of your beard. This will mess up the look and you’ll have to keep grooming your beard to keep from looking scruffy.

If you’re growing your beard to an epic length, a necktie can serve you well. Make sure you get a dress shirt with the kind of collar that complements your beard, like a point collar or a spread collar. You can also do no wrong if you go for an air tie. Who needs a tie when your beard is your ultimate accessory?



Mixing and Matching Necktie and Beard Colors

There’s a psychology behind colors and patterns which can enhance the vibe of your get-up. Choosing the right color for your neck accessory to accentuate your beard is a critical factor when buying neck accessories. Here are some tips for choosing your necktie colors and patterns based on your beard’s color.

1. Blonde Beards

A blonde beard can ably mix and match with most darker colors. Just avoid going for ties and adornments in yellow colors. It’s not the color coordination that’ll serve you well.

2. Brunette/Black Beards

Brunette or darker beards can complement most anything. You can go for a darker monochromatic pairing for a classy, mysterious vibe or something light-colored to appear playful. When it comes to this beard shade, the best combinations often emphasize simplicity. The smartest route is dark colors and simple patterns.

3. Red Beards

It’s challenging to dress up a ginger beard. If you pair it with something green, people might think you’re getting ready for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day. Learn a thing or two from Conor McGregor: Your fiery scruff goes well with blues. You can also choose a darker shade of grey and you’ll be smoldering in your outfit.

4. Silver Beards

A silver beard gives you an air of dignified respectability. Plus, this beard shade matches practically anything. Just remember to play off the wise and noble vibe and pick something sharp for your tie.



Grooming Your Beard to Sharpen Your Look in Your Ensemble

Finally, you have your tie and your suit. Now you need to make sure your beard helps tie the look you’re going for together. You want to look sharp, not sloppy. You can achieve that by grooming your hair and beard. Here’s how:

1. Get a Simple Haircut

When your hair is long and unruly and your beard is pretty much the same, people will just think you're a gate-crashing hobo. It’s good if you’re cosplaying Captain Caveman for your local comic con but bad if you want to look sharp. You’ll need to pare down your locks and go for something simple and conservative. This way your beard will be the star.

2. Manage the Area Beneath Your Ear

The area below your ear where the sideburns meet your beard can be a point for contention if you want to look sharp with facial hair. Use a hair trimmer with different guard settings to make sure the hairs on each side taper off into the haircut from the cheekbones. This will be difficult if you go at it alone, but it’s a great skill to master if you’re committed to keeping your beard. You can also talk to your barber if you need help.

3. Keep Your ‘Stache Neat

Now, your mustache needs to look as sharp as your necktie and your suit. You can use Wild Willies Butter Balm to smoothen your mustache hairs into opposite directions from the centerline, then trim the hairs that exceed your upper lip.

4. Removing and Taming Stragglers

Make sure your mustache and beard hairs are uniform in length. Use a comb to extend the hairs and cut the uneven ones. Also, mind those single strands of hair that simply refuse to go with the rest of the bunch. Cut them or pluck them out.

5. Sculpt Your Beard with Styling Products

Lastly, finish your look by using a mustache wax and a balm-like Wild Willie’s Butter Balm to smoothen your beard. Don’t use a beard oil for this, as it won’t keep your beard’s form for long.


Since we're touching on the subject of beard grooming as a way to look good from the neck up while wearing a suit, here's a review about our products:

Now you know how to pick the right neck accessory for your beard, what color to choose, and how to make sure your beard works with your tie and suit. Take these pieces of advice to heart and perform the due diligence -- trust us, you’ll look absolutely killer.

What do you think of this guide to choosing the right tie and making sure your beard looks optimal with your ensemble? If you have more tips as to how a bearded man will look sharp in a suit, give us your answers in the comments section below.

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