How To Use A Beard Shaping Tool Like A Pro

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A beard shaping tool will help change the way you trim your beard. While getting your beard professionally done is always a treat, it isn't financially ideal to do so all the time. Doing your own beard maintenance can help save you a few bucks and give you the freedom to groom the way you want. It can be tricky, especially the first couple of times, but luckily, you have this tool that can help you achieve the results you want. Find out more about the best beard shaping tool and how to use it with other beard shaping gadgets!

Steps to Using a Beard Shaping Tool

How To Use A Beard Shaping Tool | Wild Willies

Step 1: Get a Beard Shaping Tool

The most important thing you need is your beard shaping tool. This tool looks like a combination of a ruler and two combs. It has a curved inside, which acts as a guide to help you when trimming or snipping away at your beard. This simple tool is going to help you shape your beard exactly how you want to.

Step 2: Prepare Your Razor

Before anything else, prepare your razor, trimmer, or clipper. Make sure they’re sharp to avoid getting bumps or irritating your skin, and clean so you won't get an infection when you nick yourself. When shaving, using shaving cream/gel with warm water will also decrease your chances of getting cut. Keep them handy by the sink so you won’t have to go move around when it’s time to start shaping your beard.

Step 3: Wrap a Towel Around Your Neck

This initial step will make cleanup easier afterward. Tie a long towel around your neck and tie the other end to your sink. This will create a makeshift bib to catch all the hair instead of letting them fall into the sink and clogging your pipes.

Step 4: Place the Beard Shaping Tool on Your Face

Start by placing the tool along the side of your face, framing the shape of your desired sideburns. Make sure the curved side of the tool is placed along the side of your face.

Step 5: Cut Along the Shaping Tool

The beard shaping tool is supposed to act as a guide when you shape your beard. Trim or glide your razor along the sides of the tool to cut off the excess hair on your beard.

Step 6: Use the Comb

While shaping your beard, you can use the comb part of the tool to untangle your beard and get rid of stray hair. The teeth of the comb are also designed to spread beard oil through the hair to make your beard shaping experience easier.

Step 7: Clean Up

After trimming your beard, make sure to clean up. Start by combing your beard for any stray hair and make sure they fall into the towel. Then, take out the hair strands on your towel and pour them into the trash. Lastly, clean your beard shaping tool with slightly warm water.

How To Use A Beard Shaping Tool Like A Pro

A beard shaping tool is a durable grooming equipment which will help you achieve a professional trim in your bathroom. It acts as a simple guide to help you cut along your beard so you can get the shape you want and even doubles as a comb. A beard shaping tool is definitely a must-have for every man’s beard maintenance.

Have you tried using a beard shaping tool before? Do you have your own method of grooming your beard? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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