Is Beard Jewelry For Sissies?

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Beard jewelry lets you add a bit of bling and a pop of interest to your beard. But if you haven't tried it before, you might be wondering if jewelry for your beard is for sissies. Well, lad-mag titans GQ and Esquire both say yes, but countless beard enthusiasts disagree. Ultimately, you need to make your own decision.

If you're intrigued by the idea, shop for some beard jewelry for sale and go to town your mane. Not sure? Do some experimenting until you figure out if you like the effect or not. After all, beard or not, the manliest thing you can do is trust your instincts and be true to yourself.

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  2. The History of Viking Beard Jewelry
  3. Tips for Wearing Beard Jewelry
  4. How to Make Beard Jewelry

Guy Beard Jewelry to Match Your Style

The whole point of beard jewelry is to make a fashion statement. Whether you go for a serious bronze ring or want to cover your beard in wild colors, you need to match your personal sense of style. Take inspiration from others, but ultimately, remember, your beard is your statement.

If you're a dedicated biker, skulls may be perfect for you. If you love studying ancient history, swigging mead, and playing Dungeons and Dragons, consider showing off your passions by decorating your beard with Celtic symbols, dragons, or rings with runes. Feeling whimsical? Love the holidays? Then, bring out the splendor of your facial hair with Christmas-themed beard jewelry. Ornaments and tinsel don't just have to be for the tree. You can add a couple of red and green sequins for a subtle effect, or go for a full-scale inspired look with flashing lights, little candy canes, and all.


The Perfect Canvas



Regardless of the style you choose, jewelry for beards draws attention to your beard. To ensure you look great, you need the right canvas. You don't want people noticing your beard jewelry, but then also noticing the dry hair, split ends, broken skin under the beard, and other unsavory elements. To prevent that from happening, keep your beard healthy with regular trims and washing. Also, address dry skin and flaking by applying beard oils and conditioners. To keep your look in place, you may need beard butter, shaping tools, and a brush. Make sure you have your beard care routine on lock before taking it to the next level.


The History of Viking Beard Jewelry

A lot of people are turning to beard jewelry in homage to the Vikings. In fact, if you want some inspiration, check out Vikings on the History Channel. In the midst of its fifth season, this historical drama showcases all kinds of tough guys who aren't afraid to decorate their beards.

Was Viking beard jewelry real? As you watch the show, you may wonder if the beard bling is historically accurate, and the answer is possibly, but not conclusively. Evidence from Viking burial sites indicates that these hardy seafarers may have worn beard jewelry, but archaeologists aren't completely sure. Additionally, writings from travelers who came into contact with Germanic tribes and Anglo Saxon communities talked about jewelry for men's beards in these cultures. As the Vikings had a heavy influence on and contact with these communities, this furthers the idea that the Vikings may have indeed worn beard jewels. Heck, if it's good enough for our bad-ass bearded ancestors, who are we to turn our noses up at this form of adornment?


Tips for Wearing Beard Jewelry



You can wear beard jewelry all kinds of different ways. To make the most of your new look, explore these tips.

  • Get Inspiration — Watch movies like The Hobbit where men (or elves) wear beard jewelry or check out sites like Pinterest for ideas.
  • Integrate Braids — Braid your beard and slide the jewelry up the braid. Add a dollop of product to help hold it in place. One braid in the middle, two braids on the sides, or multiple braids all create different looks.
  • Match Your Other Jewels — For a cohesive look, you may want your beard jewelry to match your piercings or mimic the buttons on your jacket.
  • Use Strings When Putting on Beard Jewelry — In lieu of a bead, use some thread or a piece of floss to gather a section of your beard together. Wrap some of it around your beard and hold the loose end of the string in your mouth. Then, slide on your beard jewelry. When it feels snug, pull off the string.
  • Hold Jewelry in Place With Rubber Bands — If your beard isn't thick enough to hold a ring in place, use little rubber bands. They thicken your braid or ponytail and help to hold the jewelry for beards in place.
  • Try Clips — The majority of beard jewelry features rings or spiral shapes, and you need a solid chunk of hair to hold those bread jewels in place. If that's not possible, try clips. They pull on your beard a bit more than the other options, but they stay in place more firmly.
  • Go Beyond Beard Jewels — Jewelry for men's beards isn't the only option. Consider winding leather straps or colorful ribbons through your beard.
  • Watch a Beard Jewelry Video — For extra tips, check out a beard jewelry video or two. You can find tutorials and ideas on YouTube.

How to Make Beard Jewelry



Wondering how to make beard jewelry? The simplest option is to head to a bead store, find some beads you like, and thread them into your beard.

You can also make your own rings. For instance, drilling a hole through a penny makes a simple and easy beard ring. If you find little trinkets that you want to put in your beard, you can turn them into jewelry by gluing a small spring or a clip to the back of the trinket. Most craft stores have a wide range of supplies for making all kinds of jewelry. Even if a clip is for an earring or hair, you can easily modify it to work for your beard.


Watch Grimfrost's video on how to put on beard rings:

Some people love jewelry for men's beards while others hate it. Again, the manliest thing you can do for yourself and your beard is to embrace the style you love. At Wild Willies, we have the tools and products you need to make your beard look beautiful whether you decide to add beard jewels or not. To get more tips on cultivating the best-kept beard possible, explore the rest of our site, try our products, or contact us directly.

Are you sold on beard jewelry yet? Sound off in the comments section below.

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