The Best Styles for a Blond Beard

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Like any other color, a blond beard can be short or long, thick or thin, straight or curly, or coarse or fine. With so many variations, you may need help finding the perfect style to match your look and personality. Whether blond is your natural color or you want to dye your beard to change it up, there are products and techniques you can use to look your best and keep your beard healthy. Consider this guide as you make beard style and care choices.

How Do You Style a Natural Blond Beard?

The first step in styling your hair is understanding the texture and natural growth patterns. For example, do you have a thick beard that gets a little more curly as it grows? On the other hand, maybe your beard hair is straight and difficult to manage. Once you characterize your beard, you can figure out the products you need to style it.

Styling a Short Blond Beard

Short beards need slightly more upkeep, but if your beard is blond and your skin fair, you likely have softer, more easily managed hair. Men with straight hair can try the flicked-out style where the ends flick up rather than curling under toward your neck. You need a premium beard trimmer, and if you have a few ends that refuse to cooperate, try the Beard Straightener from Wild Willies to give it a purposeful shape.

Grooming is slightly more intentional with a short beard. Think about creating a unique shape around the face or simply cleaning up the neck and cheek lines to give it a rugged but sophisticated look that is perfect for the office.

The Balbo beard is popular for men with blond beards. To achieve this look, allow your beard and mustache to grow without trimming for at least a month, and then shave away the areas connecting your mustache to the beard. You can clean it up to give it some shape and manage it with a good balm.

Styling a Long Blond Beard

If you have a thick, bushy beard, some fun styles are available for blond hair. For example, strawberry blond beards work well with length from the chin and trimmed sides. Use a balm to help it hold shape throughout the day, especially when styling a longer mustache away from your lips.

If you have a soft beard that grows relatively straight, most of your styling practices can be about upkeep and promoting growth. For example, if you are new to growing out your beard, there are a few products you can use to encourage healthy, even hair. Wild Willies offers a Grower Kit with everything you could need:

  • The Derma Roller helps stimulate growth in areas where the hair grows thinner or more patchy and improves the skin's appearance when used two to three times each week.
  • The Beard Boost Serum contains biotin and helps you grow a thicker, more robust beard when applied after each use of the Derma Roller.
  • The Beard Growth Supplement comes in gummy or capsule form and helps you grow a stronger beard from the inside. It contains vitamins A, B5, and E to promote healthy follicles and speed up hair growth when taken twice daily for at least 60 days.

How you manage the growth process for a long beard is just as crucial as how you style it once you get the length you prefer. You can then implement the trimming and balming you need to make it look the way you like.

How Do You Style a Blond Beard When You Have Long Hair?

The hair on your head does not have to match your beard. You have the freedom to do what you please. Some great ways to style and grow your beard when your hair is long include:

  • Grow an Amish beard, clean-shaven from the cheekbones to just above the jawline, and combine it with a handlebar mustache for a unique look.
  • Keep your beard medium length and pair it with a man bun or tied-back hairstyle for a clean but masculine look.
  • If you have unruly curly hair on your head and face, let the hair go wild and keep the beard in a simple goatee to make it easier to manage.
  • Let it all grow free if you have straight blond hair and a straight beard. Straight hair is often easier to manage and keep trimmed.
  • If you want something more subtle, keep your beard at a stubble level, but remember to keep it as tame as possible with the right products, such as a good balm or tamer.
  • If you have a patchy beard but do not like the clean-shaven look, style your beard based on the patches. For example, clean up the areas that do not grow well and give your beard shape while keeping it short.

Wild Willies has a Beard Scruff Tamer that nourishes the skin and keeps short beards and scruff soft and soothed after a trim. So no matter how long or short your beard is, you can keep it as smooth and comfortable as the hair on your head.

How Do You Style a Curly Blond Beard?

You have even more options than most if you have a curly beard. You can style it straight with a beard straightener or embrace your curly hair. For curly-bearded men, there are five common styles:

  1. The lumberjack beard. If you have a thicker-than-average beard, the lumberjack look is an effortless style when you want to keep it long. You allow it to grow from the neckline to the cheekbones and keep it neatly trimmed.
  2. The Old Dutch beard. The Old Dutch style is for you if you love the beard but prefer no mustache. Trim the beard as it gets longer and keep the mustache clean-shaven or stubbled for minimal upkeep and optimal style.
  3. The full beard. If you have a bald head, the full beard is a great easy-to-maintain look. Simply let the beard grow naturally with the occasional trim to clean it up. Avoid shaving if you can to give it the fullest look possible.
  4. The goatee. A goatee works well with long curly hair. It should frame your mouth and stop just under the chin. You can manage the length by brushing and applying a beard oil suitable for a blond beard.
  5. The bushy beard. To create a classic bushy beard style, let your beard grow evenly from every side and keep the mustache curled naturally downward. If you want more control, use an organic beard balm, such as Wild Willies Beard Butter in the Bourbon Cedar scent, to help manage the coarseness and moisturize the skin.

Curly beards can be challenging to manage. Often your best tactic is to let the beard guide you. Give in to the direction it wants to grow and use your straightener and products for control when it becomes too unruly.

How Do You Dye or Bleach a Blond Beard?

Not all blond beards are naturally blond. If you want to lighten your beard, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you do it correctly. However, blindly diving into the process could severely damage the hair, causing breakage or leaving it feeling thin and dry. Avoid wasting the time it takes to grow out a solid beard by following this simple guide to dyeing or bleaching:

  • Choose your shade. There is more than one blond on the beard dye market. Knowing the shade you want is critical because it guides you to the appropriate dyeing method.
  • Determine the best method. If you decide to go from dark brown to platinum blond, you likely want to consult with a professional. The process can be lengthy, and you risk over-processing the hair if you use the wrong materials.
  • Start the at-home process. If you choose an at-home product to create your blond beard, start by carefully reading the instructions on your beard dye box. Then divide your hair into segments, including your mustache, and apply the product generously. 
  • Take care in the application process. Use a brush and gloves to avoid staining your hands when applying the dye. Apply it to each segment of hair thoroughly before moving on to the next.
  • Wash it out. Never leave the product on your hair longer than the instructions recommend. This is especially dangerous for bleaches, which can quickly damage the hair. If the shade is not as light as you wanted, you can likely dye it again after a resting period to lighten the look.

When you purchase a beard dye product, go with something containing natural ingredients, preferably an organic product. Beard dyes can have harsh chemicals that may permanently damage your hair follicles or irritate the skin.

Keeping a Bleached Blond Beard Healthy

Hair dye can quickly dry out your hair. Ensuring you restore and lock in moisture as soon as possible is essential to keeping the hair healthy. It starts with using the right products. Wild Willies' Progro Beard Soft is a conditioner designed to lock in moisture after you shampoo your beard.

Too often, companies market all-in-one products for men when you need something formulated to target specific areas. For example, the hair on your head differs from your beard. Beards are generally more coarse and require extra care to become fuller, stronger, and softer.

How Do You Style a Dyed or Bleached Blond Beard?

Styling a bleached or dyed beard is not entirely different from styling a beard for natural blonds. However, you have more style options if you are open to dyeing your hair. For example, the "shocking blond" beard is excellent if you want something different. In addition, if you have naturally dark hair, you can use a dyeing bleach to strip the darkness of your beard, leaving it naked and ready to apply a chosen blond shade.

The contrast between the dark hair on your head and the light hair on your face creates an edgy look. If you grow tired of it, you can go dark again or change the color. Remember, once you strip your hair and start using bleaching products, you want to keep it healthy and avoid changing it too frequently for fear of drying it out or causing damage.

Embrace a Style That Matches Your Look

Choosing the beard style that matches your look starts with evaluating your face shape. Your beard should accent an oval shape to give your overall look symmetry. If you have long hair, it can elongate your face. You may need a shorter beard to even it out. Consider how you can create an oval shape and base your blond beard style and look around that foundation.

Make Use of Beard Oils and Balms

Unfortunately, men often neglect the skin under their beards, but it needs nourishment like the rest of your skin and hair. This is where beard oils and balms step in. A quality oil, such as Wild Willies' Hemp Beard Elixir, should contain natural ingredients that lock in moisture for the hair while reducing dry skin and redness, common issues for people with naturally blond hair.

A balm has a similar nourishing effect. In addition, it helps eliminate the itch that comes with a dry beard. If you are prone to dry skin and hair, ensure all the products you use promote moisturization and do not contain harsh chemicals. A quality beard balm acts like a leave-in conditioner while taming wild hairs and giving your beard a smooth, soft feeling.

Are You Ready To Style Your Blond Beard?

How you style your beard is a personal choice, but how you nourish it should be consistent and intentional. Grooming is about style and beard health. With these suggestions and the right products, you can grow a more manageable beard that you can style however you please. For more help creating the perfect style and nourishing your blond beard, check out the grooming and growth beard products available at Wild Willies.

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