Why Is Your Beard Hair Sticking Out and How Can You Fix It?

Kristian S
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Growing facial hair is one of the luxuries of being a man. Many men wear facial hair styles as a point of pride, but maintaining any beard style is a challenging and ongoing process. Most men will find they have a problem with beard hair sticking out, making it difficult to look well-kept. To resolve the issue, you need to figure out the cause and apply the right solution.

Reasons for Beard Hair Sticking Out

Beard hair is known for its uncooperative qualities. Some men will deal with multidirectional growth or coarser hair than others. With so many reasons, it is hard to narrow down a specific underlying cause of wild and unruly hairs. Your beard hair may be sticking up for one of six reasons or some combination of them.

1. Uneven Growth

Your beard may not grow at an even pace. One side may grow quicker than the other, or sections of one side may grow slower. The different growth rates across your face will contribute to hairs sticking out.

The key to even growth and minimizing the presence of unruly hairs is to trim and shape your beard. You will need to take care to leave hair that is growing at the appropriate rate alone.

2. Uneven Trimming

If you get too overzealous with the trimmers, you may cut away too much healthy and controllable hair. Shorter hairs may reach straight off the face, while longer hairs lay down. You may want to visit a barber to reduce the amount of beard hair sticking out and to get a proper trim.

3. Static Electricity

Your beard can generate static electricity. Rubbing or stroking your beard can build an electric charge, resulting in electrostatic attraction to nearby objects. The attraction causes the beard hair to stretch and stand up.

Living in a drier climate or a low-humidity environment can also contribute to static electricity. You can look for shampoos with anionic surfactants to reduce or eliminate such an effect.

4. Dry Beard Hair

A dry beard is a coarse beard. When your beard becomes too dry, it gets stiffer, losing flexibility. The stiffness will usually result in beard hair sticking out. You can help resolve issues stemming from a dry beard by using an appropriate moisturizer, like Wild Willies Smooth Daily Moisturizer.

5. Naturally Wavy Beard Hair

Genetics can also play a role in how unruly your beard is. Some men have a naturally wavy or curly beard. The structure of their beard hair lends itself to flyaways or stick-outs. If you want to control wavy hair, you can go to a barber or look for styling products with a stronger-than-average hold.

6. Poor Brushing Technique

Many men make the beginner mistake of brushing their beards too hard. While brushing is beneficial, going at your beard with a heavy hand can lead to split ends. Also, brushing too vigorously can strip oils away from the hair, resulting in a drier and more unruly beard. It is best to brush your beard gently or find a brush with softer bristles.

Ways To Tame Wild Beard Hairs

Because beard hair sticking out is a common problem, men learned how to correct it. Unfortunately, you will not find a permanent solution. Beard hair, like all hair, grows continuously when healthy; therefore, the problem persists. That said, developing and adopting an appropriate routine and maintenance schedule can help.

1. Comb and Brush Frequently

As your beard grows, if you start to notice unruly hairs, adopt a brushing or combing habit. Take the time every morning and evening to comb or brush your beard hair. Regular combing or brushing can help train the hair; it also helps to distribute oils, making for a silkier appearance.

2. Let the Beard Grow Out

The early stages of beard growth will also be the most unruly. Beard hair starts out as coarse strands. As you apply oils and other products and brush them, the hair will become more flexible. Your beard hair will also get more flexible as it lengthens; therefore, one solution to your beard hair sticking out is time.

3. Use a Beard Straightener

Sometimes, the hair is unruly even with products and proper brushing because of a beard's natural curl or uneven growth. You can resolve such issues with a beard straightener. A straightener is like a heated comb. The heat helps relax the hair, and the effects typically last until you wash any products out of your beard.

4. Adopt a Facial Care Routine

Using soap and a rag in the shower is not the same as a facial care routine. When growing a beard, you want to keep your pores clean and clear to allow for hair growth. For that, you want to use a facial exfoliator. Exfoliants are abrasive washes that remove dirt, debris, and dead skin cells from the face.

In addition to an exfoliant, you will need to use a moisturizer. Moisturizers help to restore hydration to the face and beard hair. For the best results, use a moisturizer and exfoliant twice daily. The products will keep your face clean and your beard hair soft and more controllable.

5. Use Styling Products

Styling products can help tame unruly hair, but you want to select the right options. For example, many men choose a beard balm or stick to essential oils, thinking that's enough to style their beard. Some men may get away with the lighter hold of these products, but men with curly beards may want to look for styling waxes or other products with a stronger hold.

When looking for styling products, look for items specific to beard care. Beard hair is not the same as the hair on your head. Facial hair is coarser and, in some ways, more fragile.

Check Out Wild Willies for Solutions for Beard Hair Sticking Out

Beard hair sticking out is a common problem for men with beards, and many solutions exist. Most solutions come down to understanding basic beard care. Check out Wild Willies for more insights and tips about beard care, maintenance, and styling products and tools.

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