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Beard styling is one of the most important things you can do to get that great-looking beard you want. Nearly any man can grow a beard – just quit shaving for a few weeks, and the facial hair will come in all by itself. It takes a real man to grow a manly beard that is thick, manageable, and handsome. To help you, here are some tips to achieve the best beard styles for men.

Beard Styling | Do It Like a Pro with These Tips

1. Be Patient – Let Your Beard Grow

Beard styling is so much easier when you have enough facial hair to work on. Letting your beard grow for a few weeks also gives you time to pick a style that suits the length and thickness.

Just grow a beard and take care of the facial hair for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Don’t shave, and don’t trim. Be patient, however. Growing a beard takes time before the hairs will grow evenly.

2. Check Out a Few Options for Beard Styling

As you let your beard grow, look over a few facial-hair styles. A full beard is a beard style in which you let all your facial hair grow.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the short stubble beard that looks manly yet tidy. The circle beard is the standard neat-and-tidy beard, consisting of a mustache and a rounded goatee-style beard. The extended goatee is similar to a full beard, except you shave off the hair on your sideburns.

Friendly mutton chops are a beard style where the sideburns and mustache meet, but you shave off the facial hair on your chin.

3. Think of Your Face

Choose a beard style that fits the shape of your face. If you have a square face, for example, keep your beard fuller on your chin and shorter on the sides. This style also works well if you have a round face.

If you have a rectangular or oblong face, allow the sides to get fuller but keep the bottom shorter. If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re in luck. Most beard styles will work well for you as long as you maintain your beard well.

4. Know the Climate

Opt for a beard style that fits your lifestyle and your climate. Short beard styles may require more upkeep than long beard ones. The former may also be a bit cooler in the summer or in hotter climates than a longer style of beard, but a long beard style can keep your cheeks warmer during the long cold winter.

Cool beard styles usually require a lot of work to manage the stubble and shape.

5. Comb Your Beard with a Good Beard Comb

Use a beard comb to settle your facial hairs all in one direction. It can be a combination of beard and mustache comb, with widely spaced teeth to deal with your beard and narrowly spaced teeth to work on your mustache.

To use the comb for beard styling, hold it so the teeth point upward. Relax your grip, so you’re holding it as loosely as you would hold your toothbrush. This relaxed grip helps you maintain the right control while you comb.

Next, use an upward motion to fluff your beard away from your face. The idea is to separate the individual hairs so they are not matted together.

Use a mustache comb to move your mustache hairs in the correct direction and then trim anything that hangs over your lip or sticks out in the wrong direction.

Beware of snags while combing your beard. Snags are not necessarily knotted in the facial hair. They are often the result of individual strands of facial hair growing in different directions and crossing over each other.

Use your beard comb to work out the snags gently. Don’t yank them out. Ripping them out hurts and can break off your facial hair.

Try combing your beard layer by layer if you have a lot of snags. Combing your beard like this can help fluff your beard so it looks fuller. Comb it back down into the desired shape.

6. Wash Your Beard

Clean your beard with a beard wash regularly. It will reduce itchiness, especially in the early stages of beard growth.

Scratching your itchy skin can cause skin problems. It can even break off your beard hair to cause an uneven beard. A beard wash contains the right ingredients to soothe your skin and promote full beard growth.

Use quality products to get real results. A leave-in conditioner makes your beard silky smooth and promotes beard growth. It also prevents shedding and dulling that can ruin cool beard styles.

7. Invest in Beard Oil or Beard Butter

Get some beard oil and use it regularly. This beard styling product moisturizes your skin and your facial hair. It also softens and tames your beard, and the best beard oils come in manly scents.

Apply the appropriate amount of beard oil or beard butter, whichever you prefer. The best time to apply the product is right after you wash your beard or take a shower. This is when your hair is at its softest and most likely to absorb the product’s ingredients.

Put some beard oil or beard butter in the palm of your hand. Make it about the size of a nickel or so. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions at first but adjust the amount you use depending on your personal preferences.

Use more beard oil and beard butter if you have a long beard or dry beard. Note, though, putting too much will make it feel too slippery, so only put on as much as you need to style your beard.

8. Train Those Wayward Facial Hairs with Beard Styling

Train your beard to behave with regular beard styling. Using your beard trimmer regularly helps maintain your beard style.

Give your beard a daily rubdown with a beard comb to control stubborn facial hairs and train them to grow in a downward direction. A beard oil, beard balm, and beard wax can also tame any flyaway facial hairs.

9. Take Care of Your Mustache

Don’t forget your mustache! Be sure to give it the same treatment as you give your beard.

Clean and condition it often. Trim your mustache regularly and pay special attention to that groove on your upper lip that runs from your nose down to your mouth known as your philtrum. Use a pair of grooming scissors to trim back long hair. Use a mustache wax to give it a naturally sculpted look.

10. Trim Your Beard

Trim Your Beard | Beard Styling Tips For Real Men | cool beard styles | beard styles for men | style your beard THE EDGE Beard Shaping Tool by Wild Willies 


Trim your beard at the appropriate time and with the right tool. The best time to do it is when your facial hair is dry. Be sure to wash your hair first for best results.

Grab a pair of sharp scissors to take care of detail work and to clean up any stray facial hairs. Use a beard trimmer for a clean, even cut that prevents split ends and keeps your beard looking great.

Invest in a quality beard trimmer. A good one will snip your facial hair cleanly without yanking or pulling. It will last longer and is more durable.

Pull your neck skin taut when you trim the underside of your neck. Your neck skin can bunch up to cause uneven results when you trim your beard.

11. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Eat food that helps you grow a beard. Your beard is made of protein and fat, so chow down on eggs, chicken breasts, and cottage cheese.

Healthy facial hair also relies on a variety of other nutrients, such as vitamin B5, vitamin B3, and vitamin B9. These vitamins help you grow a thick manly beard. Give your beard what it needs by eating plenty of lean meats, nuts, milk, egg yolks, and leafy green vegetables.


Beard styling with a trimmer can be frightening. Spacyspice shows you cool tips on how to feel confident doing it:

Beard styling can be easy as long as you know the right tips and use the right tools. May these ideas help you achieve the best-looking beard and mustache anytime, anywhere.

Do you have other beard styling tips? Share them with us below!

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