4 Ways To Stop Beard Dandruff

Kristian S
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Beard dandruff is an unwelcome guest in your facial hair. Aside from being itchy and uncomfortable, dandruff in your scruff is unsightly when flakes are visible to others. Skincare is essential to keep your face looking great and feeling awesome.

Don’t let flakes bum you out. A beard care routine using products developed for men gives your skin and facial hair an essential boost. Here are four steps to keep your beard in shape and stop the dandruff blues.

beard dandruff can be helped with the right face wash

1. Clean Your Face To Reduce Beard Dandruff

Keeping your mug clean is necessary to reduce dandruff. While that may seem obvious, how to clean your beard properly is not always clear. You may hop in the shower and use bar soap or shampoo to wash your face. These products often have chemicals that dry the skin by depleting vital oils.

When applying over-the-counter soaps is part of your daily routine, it leads to big problems for your face. A premium beard wash is your best friend. You need a special shampoo that hydrates the skin, provides nutrients and stimulates hair growth. This is how you restore and maintain the luster of your look and tackle beard dandruff.

2. Dry Your Beard With Care

Toweling your face off after washing is not a contact sport. You need to remove excess water because moisture trapped by facial hair can lead to fungus growth. Seborrheic dermatitis is a common fungal disease associated with beard dandruff.

The best way to dry your beard is to gently pat it using an absorbent towel. If your beard is thick, it is OK to lightly squeeze the hair with a towel to soak up wetness. Steady pressure is the key to drying your face properly so you avoid issues with dandruff.

3. Break Out the Beard Care Products

Your facial hair needs personalized care like the rest of your body. Our products are specifically designed to support beard health. Hemp Beard Elixer helps your mane realize its potential with powerful natural ingredients that boost thickness and fullness. Supplements and gummies take beard growth and maintenance to the next level. If you struggle with dandruff, use products that make you and your face happy.

4. Groom Your Beard on the Regular

Grooming your beard with a brush is relaxing and great for your skin and hair. You may be in the habit of consistently stroking your scruff without realizing it. This action may produce either oily skin or dry skin that causes beard dandruff.

It helps to establish a brushing routine and use beard oil or balm to moisturize and reduce irritation. Set aside time to groom daily and get your facial hair's health on track.

Go on Offense Against Beard Dandruff

At Wild Willies, we think about beards and beard products all day long. When you need an assist with beard dandruff, we’ve got you covered.

You will never hesitate to lead with your face when you use our products. Give us a shout because we love to talk all things beard.

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