Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards

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In this article, we give you a list of the best beard oils that beard aficionados are raving about in the market today.

Best of the Best Beard Oils for the Stylish Beardsman


1. Bairds Beard Oil

Bairds beard oil prides itself in producing a no-frills product which does its job over the course of the entire day. Customer reviews say their oil's scents and holds last for 24 hours. Now that’s interesting to note since their beard oils come in Gun Barrel Musk, Pine Needle, Cat’s Meow, Fireball, and their unscented Hunter’s Scent.

2. Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil



Customers rave about Brooklyn Grooming’s beard oil for its organic ingredients and its relative mildness compared to other commercial brands. Their product leaves beards downier and fresher because of the organic stuff that goes into their oil.

3. Bulldog Beard Oil


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Apparently, this bulldog is tough on beard 'druff but soft on beards thanks to its use of aloe vera, green tea, and camelina oil. It’s also one of the better products to buy when you’re on a budget.

4. Caveman Beard Oil



Caveman Beard Oil won’t club your nose senseless with its gentle bay rum scent. The manufacturer also promises the oil will give you that nice luxurious feeling your beard is looking for.

5. Cremo Beard Oil

Cremo Beard Oil | Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards | Brooklyn grooming beard oil Cremo Beard Oil, Forest Blend Photo by Amazon 

Cremo Beard Oil does a great job of curing and preventing beard dandruff by moisturizing the skin underneath your beard. Aside from helping manage skin irritation, this beard oil also softens the beard itself, paving way for glorious well-groomed tufts of facial hair.

6. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil



Honest Amish has established itself as the brand name to beat thanks to the strengths of its classic beard oil. The oil’s seven essential oils, plus rare carrier oils, make the product a winner. But with its hefty price tag of $7 an ounce, it might not be for everyone.

7. Kiehl's Beard Oil

Kiehl's Beard Oil | Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards | honest amish classic beard oil Kiehl's Beard Oil Photo by Kiehl's 

Kiehl’s appeal comes from its nice wooden scents like sandalwood and cedarwood with a dash of eucalyptus oil to freshen up the skin. This grooming oil will reduce the frizz and give your fuzz the lustrous shine you want.

8. Leven Rose Beard Oil



If you want to grow your beard cruelty-free, you can look to this beard oil to satisfy this requirement as the manufacturers claim their product is vegan. The ingredients that go into this oil must pass stringent tests and quality standards.

9. Mountaineer Beard Oil



The Mountaineer brand promises their beard oil will give your beard the rough appeal of an outdoorsman through a nice cedar scent while also reducing splits and frizz on your beard. The beard oil sticks to the essentials and only uses three base ingredients to make their oil light on the skin and your facial hair.

10. Pacinos Beard Oil

Pacinos Beard Oil does what it’s supposed to do at a fair price. Its reviewers compliment the product since it doesn’t leave a strong harsh scent and its formula soaks into the beard pretty well.

11. Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Smooth Viking Beard Oil | Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards | evel rose beard oil Smooth Viking Beard Oil Photo by Smooth Viking 

When your scruff has become a beast you can’t tame, a dab of Smooth Viking ought to help you regain some sanity in that area. The product’s essential oils will give beards the sheen and glow their owners are looking for.

12. Spartan Beard Growth Oil


Spartan Beard Growth Oil | Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards | level rose beard oil Spartan Beard Growth Oil Photo by Spartan Beard 


The manufacturers behind Spartan says their product will essentially stimulate the hair follicles in your face, paving the way for beard growth. Its ingredients promote this by nourishing and hydrating your skin.

13. Wild Willies Beard Oil

Wild Willies Beard Oil | Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards Wild Willies Beard Oil Photo by Wild Willies 

A few squirts of Wild Willies Beard Elixir on your palm will go a long way in deeply moisturizing and nourishing your skin while also promoting the health of your beard overall. The product packs an awesome sum of 10 essential oils, but despite its nutrient-dense composition, the oil itself is relatively light - leaving you only with a nice fresh feeling on your mug. It's one of the best beard oils out in the market today.

14. Wisdom Beard Oil

Wisdom Beard Oil | Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards Wisdom Beard Oil Photo by Can You Handlebar 

Can You Handlebar prides itself in every product that ships out of its Michigan facility, and their Wisdom Beard Oil is definitely one of them. Wisdom’s mix of citrus and wooden scents are a hit with customers.

15. Woodsman Beard Oil

Woodsman Beard Oil | Best Beard Oils For Long Luscious Beards Woodsman Beard Oil Photo by The Bearded Bastard 

Touted as the beard oil for lumberjacks and outdoorsmen, Woodsman Beard Oil boasts of the finest cedar wood oil from the trees in Texas. This beard oil’s natural ingredients freshen up the skin without clogging pores.

Matthew Brian Brown gives a review of our Wild Willies Cool Mint Beard Oil in case you’re wondering what experience our products give to customers:

This article ought to give you a sense of what’s out there in terms of beard oils. For a more thorough appraisal of each product, we recommend doing a search online and in stores, while staying specific to your particular needs (hair type, color, and length). Good luck with your search for the best weapons to help you grow a kingly beard.

What do you think about these products? Have you tried some of these yourself? Give us your answers in the comments section below.

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