Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

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While there are currently many individual beard growth products on the market, some men prefer a comprehensive approach. Different products can yield different advantages, so a beard kit that features everything modern beard care has to offer is a smart purchase for those looking to hedge their bets in the beard growth game. Do beard growth kits work? They can, but this question should be answered with another question — what results are you looking for?

How Can Products Encourage Growth?

The thickness of your beard depends on a few factors, including your age, hormones, ethnicity, and diet. While any factor alone can prevent you from growing a beard, only diet and, to some extent, hormones can be safely modified.

If you're under the age of 30, your beard may still improve somewhat over time. Until you reach your fourth decade, the best thing you can do to encourage growth is to eat a healthy diet, use supplements, and apply external serums. Abstaining from alcohol can also help, as alcohol drains the body of valuable nutrients. Try to eat a balance of healthy foods like fish, nuts, legumes, greens, whole grains, and fruits. Your diet gives your body the building blocks it needs for hair growth. Supplements provide extra, targeted support.

Man using beard oil | Do beard growth kits work?

Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

A Wild Willies Beard Kit includes beard growth supplements, beard growth serum, and grooming tools. Together, these products help you supplement internally and externally while avoiding physical damage from improper maintenance. There is currently relatively little scientific research on the effectiveness of the combinations of ingredients found in beard supplements and oils on overall growth. Wild Willies' formulas, however, use ingredients that have been scientifically implicated in hair growth. 

Though it may be a while before we see rigorous studies performed on our supplements, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that supplementing and applying specialized beard serums helps to strengthen and thicken hair strands.

Do Beard Growth Kits Make Hair Grow Faster?

There is no magical formula to make your hair grow faster. Although there is evidence to suggest that supplementation and proper diet can make hair grow faster than it would if starved of nutrients, the speed at which your hair grows is a highly personal variable. If you are male, you are fortunate in that your hair probably grows somewhat faster than the average female. There is normally a minute difference between the speeds at which any given pair of healthy men grow facial hair. When you supplement properly, you are simply maxing out your beard's potential.

Do beard growth kits work? Absolutely, but you should curb your expectations of radical changes happening overnight. This simply isn't how the human body works. It takes time for essential nutrients to thicken hair, which is why Wild Willies kits include grooming combs and brushes that can give an appearance of longer, thicker hair while preventing hairs from twisting and becoming damaged. For beard kits and all your other beard care needs, visit Wild Willies today.

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