The Dos and Don'ts of How To Help With Beard Growth

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Beard culture is more than a facial fad; it’s a way of telling a story. Growing a beard is an art form that's spawned clubs, product lines, contests, nicknames and more than a few water cooler conversations about who has the fullest mane. There is even a ranking of the most popular styles by state. Beards are no longer something you have but something you do.

Your beard is an aspect of your personality, so you want to get the look right. Whether you’re a beginner or an aficionado, there are some things to know about how to help with beard growth and maintenance and some things to know not to do.

Have a Plan About How To Help With Beard Growth

Growing facial hair requires a plan of action. It takes a bit of stamina to get through those initial, itchy weeks. Knowing the struggle is worth the outcome keeps you motivated. Here are some things to consider:

  • Determine the type of beard you want: The fullest or longest beard may not suit your lifestyle or profession, but you still have options to have a full beard that works for your situation.
  • Prepare for the long haul: A beard is a commitment. Like long hair, it requires more time, money and dedication to get great results.
  • Embrace the maintenance: Taking care of your beard is a fun project, and we have beard growth kits that make styling and care a breeze.
  • Grab the joy in the journey: Anything worth doing should ignite your passion, and your beard is an adventure worth taking.

You don’t need to have a perfectly sculpted beard to look great. You need the right amount of attention, the right products and the right growth plan to be the best bearded you.

Give It Time To Grow

Just like a good wine, your facial hair needs some room to breathe. It is exciting to see the changes but knowing how to help with beard growth cycles is different for everyone. Average hair growth is a half-inch per month. It takes time before your beard has a life of its own.

Genetics plays a part, and it’s not unusual for various areas of facial hair to grow at different lengths throughout the process. Don’t give up. If your hair was patchy on a previous attempt, your beard continues to mature throughout your 30s.

Man washing his beard | Boost beard growth

Keep It Clean

It seems like a no-brainer that a clean beard is a must. Yet, a lot of guys give up the struggle when maintenance becomes an unwelcome task. This is due to grooming frustrations and not knowing what they want from the beard experience.

Find a good barber or stylist that knows beards and helps you with upkeep. Wash your beard regularly to keep your face from becoming an unsightly, messy jungle.

Use Beard Products

Heed these words: Beard products are your friends. How to help with beard growth means including proper nutrients to keep it vital and make it look lustrous and healthy. Optimize beard health with products that supply the food your facial hair needs. If you skimp on quality, your beard will tell the tale.

Check Your Progress

Trying to cultivate a look takes time. Tracking the growth of hair provides a good baseline for beard health. Upping the protein in your diet increases the thickness of the scruff. Consume these foods to increase keratin:

  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Meat

Keratin is found in the outer layer of your hair, and these foods make your beard fuller, shinier and stronger.

Avoid Comparisons About Beard Growth

Be your own man when it comes to your beard. There is no one size fits on how to help with beard growth in the facial hair realm. Beard styles are as vast as the individuals who wear them. Your beard is your statement, so let your facial hair speak for itself (but don’t slack on the maintenance).

Man touching his beard | tips to boost beard growth naturally

Limit Beard Touching

Playing with your beard can turn into a habit. This is a problem for three reasons: it drives other people nuts, it depletes your beard of necessary oils, and it causes hair loss. If your skin is itchy or your beard feels rough, get products that treat these issues. Beard scratching is normal on occasion, but limit the constant touching. 

Watch the Trimming

If you’re obsessing about beard growth rates, take five. Beards are, quite literally, a journey of inches. Guys sometimes go overboard with trimming while trying to understand how to help with beard growth.

Trimming habits could turn your beard into a patchy wasteland. Allow two months for growing. Give yourself a break and let the process be. There is plenty of time for sculpting in the future.

Steer Clear of Body Washes

Your body and facial hair have different needs. Avoid using body washes on your beard. Many of these products have chemicals that are harsh on the skin and facial hair. Use beard growth products designed to support beard health.

Man washing his face | How to boost beard growth

Never Neglect Skin Health

Skin health is key to an exceptional-looking beard. Look for products that provide vitamins, oils and minerals that keep your mug and your rug in tip-top shape. Proper nutrients keep your skin moist and support hair follicles for better and fuller beard prospects. Beard elixirs provide moisture right at the source while stimulating growth and softening your hair.

It’s necessary to mention that your diet plays a role in how to help with beard growth. Poor eating habits affect hair, like other parts of the body. Adding healthy foods and supplements give your beard regenerative superpowers, so you sport this look for years to come.

Choose a Company That Knows How To Help With Beard Growth

Wild Willies is a company with a mission to fuel your beard passion. We live for beards. We take your facial hair goals seriously and dedicate our time and energy to bring you superior products.

You don’t have to wonder how to help with beard growth because we have the tips, the tools and the essentials to make it happen. Contact us with questions, and we’ll be happy to get you and your beard hooked up.

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