Does Beard Oil Help Growth?

Kristian S
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When it comes to growing a beard, men are as superstitious as it gets. Some men think that rubbing their dry cheeks with a dull razor encourages growth in the same way horticulturists keep plants healthy by trimming dead flowers. Others think facial hair genes only come from the mother's side of the family. It is natural, therefore, to question whether beard growth products indeed act as they are intended to. Does beard oil help growth? Yes, but the process may be more complicated than you think.

Man touching his beard | Does beard oil help beard growth?

What Do Beards Need To Grow?

Like everything in human biology, beards depend on a complicated series of interrelated conditions. These include:

  • Ethnicity
  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Hormones
  • Age

While everyone seems to know someone who violates one or two of these conditions, there is no getting around the rules for beard growth nature has provided.

Certain ethnicities are relatively gifted in the facial hair department. Northern Europeans and those from Mediterranian regions tend to grow more and thicker hair than those from Asia or Central America. More important than your heritage, however, is your parentage. If all of the males in your family grow robust beards, the chances are good that you can too. If you can't, age, diet, and hormones should be your first suspects.

Does Beard Oil Help Growth Despite Unfavorable Genetics?

Beard oil and beard supplements allow your body to work with what it has but cannot override your genetics. Hormones, however, can play a key role in regulating your body's facial hair production. Testosterone, the main hormone responsible for facial hair and other male traits, can, thankfully, be modified somewhat through diet and exercise. 

Beard oil is essentially a supplement that you take on the outside of your body. Since hairs and follicles are both capable of absorbing nutrients from without, beard oil may provide your body with the building blocks it needs to grow thick, strong, resilient hairs.

Man using beard oil | Does beard oil help growth?

Does Beard Oil Help Growth Occur Faster?

While science is still in the process of grappling with certain key concepts in the realm of hair growth supplementation, beard oil users often report that their beards feel fuller and thicker after application. Wild Willies' beard oil formula incorporates several ingredients that have either been implicated in or proven to encourage growth. Though it may be some time before science can quantitatively demonstrate whether hairs exposed to beard oil grow faster, there are already plenty of men who swear by their beard growth routine. Remember, when it comes to facial hair, there are a lot of variables to sort out.

Does beard oil help growth? Because the health of your skin and hair affect the quality of your hair, we can confidently say that beard oil helps growth. Whether your beard will grow where it otherwise wouldn't or whether it will grow significantly faster is another matter that can only be settled by experimentation. For beard oil, beard kits, shampoos, and all the other beard-related products you require, visit Wild Willies online store today.

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