Does Washing Your Face Help Beard Growth?

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Nobody wants a thin, sparse, patchy beard. The search for the next magic potion to prompt instant hair growth seems to be a constant obsession these days. In truth, however, growing thick, full facial hair comes down to daily habits that promote healthy skin. Keeping your skin clean shouldn't be an occasional practice; it's an everyday essential for maintaining a dense beard that keeps on growing. How does washing your face help beard growth?

Does Washing Your Face Help Beard Growth? The Facts

Your skin is covered with tiny openings called pores. These openings serve as passageways for natural oil and sweat to make their way to the surface as a means of protecting your skin and your body. They're also where you'll find hair follicles, the tiny structures responsible for growing an epic beard.

Throughout the course of the day, your skin comes into contact with all sorts of particles, dirt, and bacteria that can clog these pores up. Over time, this combination of natural and foreign buildup can stunt hair growth and even lead to hair loss. That's why washing your face on a routine basis is one key to maintaining and encouraging healthy hair growth.

Does Washing Your Face Help Beard Growth? The Steps

Washing your face sounds easy because it is. However, it's important for you to use the right products and techniques if you want good results.

1. Start With Warm Water

Heat relaxes your muscles and opens your pores so that your cleanser can do its job more effectively. Always rinse your face before your start washing, and use warm water to do it. Cold water can be a great way to minimize inflammation and help you wake up first thing in the morning, but it also tightens your pores, making it tougher to clean them well. Save the cold splash for the final rinse instead.

2. Apply a Hydrating Cleanser

Once your skin is nice and wet, it's time to lather up with the facewash of your choice. The options out there are practically limitless, but if you want to keep your skin healthy and support a robust beard, use a moisturizing cleanser. This type of product effectively removes dirt and excess oil but doesn't strip your skin of the hydration it needs to stay soft, smooth, and resilient.

3. Gently Massage Your Skin

One important physiological response that helps stimulate hair follicles is increased circulation. Does washing your face help beard growth? It certainly can when you use the right technique to invigorate your skin and boost blood flow to the area. Use your fingers to work the cleanser into your pores using quick, small, circular motions. This action helps boost circulation while cleaning the skin thoroughly.

4. Rinse Well

It's important that you remove every bit of cleanser from your face. Remnants can eventually irritate your skin or further clog your pores. Start with warm water to flush out your pores, then finish with a cold rinse to tighten them up while providing another boost to your circulatory system.

5. Apply a Protective Moisturizer

Every washing session should be finished with something to help rebalance your natural moisture levels. A topical lotion or cream can help your skin look great while feeling more comfortable. Use a facial moisturizer with built-in sun protection to keep your skin soft, smooth, and resistant to harmful UV rays.

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Does Washing Your Face Help Beard Growth? The Don'ts

Yes, there is a wrong way to wash your face. Avoid these practices to better protect and enhance your skin.

Don't Use Scalding Hot Water

While warm water is the ideal choice, hot water is problematic. Too high of a temperature can seriously dehydrate your skin and your beard. The water should feel slightly warmer than your body temperature and should be comfortable, not scalding.

Don't Mistake Face Washing for Beard Washing

Your skin needs plenty of attention to stay healthy and strong, but facial cleansing alone isn't enough to grow a long beard. You need to also wash the beard itself to keep the strands clean, fresh, and hydrated. Never use your facewash to clean your beard. Instead, use a beard shampoo that's formulated specifically for facial hair.

Don't Overwash Your Face

Does washing your face help beard growth? Yes, but doing it too often can have some adverse effects. Your skin still needs a good amount of natural oil to keep its cells healthy and hydrated. If you cleanse your face too often, you can dry out your skin, and therefore your beard.

Cleaning once in the morning and once at night is the most your skin needs on a typical day. If you are prone to dryness and irritation, you might find that washing at night and just rinsing in the morning is better for your skin type.

Don't Forget To Exfoliate

For maximum beard growth and fewer clogged pores, exfoliation is a must. It's a good idea to swap your regular cleanser for a facial exfoliant two to three times a week. A thorough scrubbing helps slough away buildup on the skin, including dead cells, dirt, oil, and all the other things that lead to irritated skin and, eventually, slow hair growth.

Never use a body scrub to exfoliate your skin. The particles in these products are not designed for use on your face and can cause serious damage, including tears and abrasions. Also, the perfect time to apply topical products, such as oils or serums, is right after an exfoliation session, as your skin will more readily absorb them for a better effect.

Does Washing Your Face Help Beard Growth? The Must-Haves

Keeping up with your skin and your facial hair is an essential step in growing a full, lush beard. Does washing your face help beard growth too? Yes, it does, especially when you're using the right tools for the job. Wild Willies has everything you need to clean and care for your face and your beard. Be sure to check out all of our cleansing products and kits to help you experience skin that's refreshed, renewed, and primed for optimum growth.

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