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1. How To Fix A Bad Beard | Beard Grooming Mistakes

Beards — You grow and shape them for months, and one day you get distracted while trimming and botch things up so seriously that the only option you have left is shaving completely. Blunders like this happen — a bad beard trim, a bad beard neckline, accidental wrong clipper settings. Then there’s also the dilemma of having a new barber with a different opinion about your cheek lines and your sideburns. It’s only smart to equip yourself with the right system of fixing trims gone wrong. These simple tips below will spare you the embarrassment of sporting an awkward beard and hopefully help you from having such problems in the first place... Click to read more

2. Simple Beard Care Tips For Dudes

Beard care isn’t just about knowing where to buy beard products or reading up on the latest beard balm recipe. It’s about mingling your passion for your beard with the right set of techniques. If you want your hirsute glory to aid you in making the ladies purr and scaring the opposition sh!tless, you need to treat it right. Here are some tips to follow for the best beard care... Click to read more

3. 16 Basic Knots Every Man Should Know

What’s manlier than being an expert on basic knots? These knots are different from the camping knots you’re used to, and they’re definitely a step up from the bow knot we use to tie our shoelaces. You never know when knot-tying will come in handy, so find out how to tie basic knots that are simple yet pretty darn awesome! Click to read more

4. Beard Shaping Advice For Any Guy | How To Shape A Beard

Without knowledge of beard shaping, your beard can grow wild and unkempt. It’ll turn into a savage animal too difficult to tame. To salvage the situation, you’ll need more than beard grooming tips or run-of-the-mill beard care. You need the beard shaping advice right here... Click to read more


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