How to Grow & Groom Goatees - The Ultimate Guide

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"I goatee, therefore I am." That's how goatees are. They're a part of who you are. They are your chin hair. You can't go without them because they define you! But what if the goatee isn't looking so good? How do you groom it back to its former glory? Well, that's where this guide comes in handy. We'll walk through some tips on growing your goatee out and grooming it to perfection.

What do you call your goatee?

Here are some popular goatee names:

  • Goat
  • Soul Patch
  • Bristles
  • Brush
  • Fuzz
  • Imperial
  • Stubbs
  • Muttonchops
  • The Tickler
  • Chin Goatee
  • Landing Strip Goatee
  • Chin Puff
  • Extended Goatee
  • Pointed Beard
  • Classic Goatee
  • Disconnected Goatee
  • Anchor Beard
  • Chin Beard
  • Chin Strap
  • Circle Beard

Why is it called a goatee?

Goatees go by many different names like those listed above, but the goatee originated in 18th-century London when the word was used to describe billy goats. A goatee is simply hair on your chin and not on your cheeks. You can see it on the goat's chin below.

Billy Goat Goatees

How long does it take to grow a goatee?

Growing your goatee takes time and patience. Your goatee will likely need between one and three months of growth before you can start shaping and grooming it into its final form.

You'll probably want to keep the beard around for at least two weeks, maybe more, depending on how quickly the hair grows in.

Grown Out Goatee

How to grow a goatee?

Let that goatee grow! Growing a goatee takes patience and maintenance. If you are having issues growing a goatee, it might be because of the skin underneath your goatee.

If you're growing out your goatee, we recommend using beard growth vitamins and beard balm or oil. These products help nourish facial hair while promoting blood flow so that new hairs are healthy from root to tip! The beard oil also helps with itchiness which is common when growing out beards.

Using beard-specific products like beard oil and beard wash will promote goatee growth. For more ways to boost facial hair growth, check out our article. - HOW TO GROW A BEARD -

How to pick your goatee style?

Whether you have light or dark facial hair may help you decide on your specific goatee style. One goatee shape that can be done with light or dark facial hair is the Van Dyke. Which is named after the painter Anthony Van Dyck from the 1600s.

You will also want to consider how long you want your goatee to grow. This will give you a better idea of what type you want. An alternative goatee style would be a full goatee, which works well with light or dark facial hair.

Another consideration is how your hair grows on your chin or your chin shape. Your genetics may only allow you certain types of styles.

Goatees Style

How to trim a goatee?

The goatee should be groomed regularly to maintain its shape and length. Which will depend on the style of the goatee that you desire. If your hair grows on your chin but not the cheeks, you are a prime goatee growing candidate.

Trim goatees close to begin, using an electric trimmer or beard scissors. Start with the lowest setting on your trimmer and move up as needed. Use a precision attachment so you can get close around your mouth without nicking yourself or taking off too much hair.

For more detailed work, go for razors rather than an electronic shaver head. A goatee typically doesn't go down to the adam's apple. One way to measure is to place your pinky finger on your adam's apple and count 3 or 4 fingers up, depending on your neck size.

After the initial trimming, it will require more frequent upkeep until it gets to the size and shape you want. Make sure to trim those stray hairs, so you don't look like a scruffy goat. If you are looking for some great tools, check out the shaping tool below.

Is a goatee a beard?

Although a goatee is considered a beard style, a goatee is not a beard. Even though it's similar in appearance and requires some of the same maintenance techniques as traditional beards

Mustaches aren't technically considered a beard. When growing a beard, the mustache and goatee parts are included. It would be like calling a wheel a car.

What is a goatee beard called?

A goatee isn't actually considered to be its own specific style; more so, it's just another word for describing any facial hair that grows along your chin that doesn't extend past cheeks or below your lip line. There are tons of other types, but don't hold yourself to a specific type. Feel free to make up your own style and name it what you want. Here are a few to check out.

  • Classic Goatee
  • Full Goatee
  • The Van Dyke Goatee
  • The Anchor Goatee
  • Goatee with Beard
  • Landing Strip
  • Extended Goatee
  • Soul Patch Goatee
  • and many, many more

Are Goatees Attractive?

Yes, goatee beards make a strong impression. For example, celebrities like Johnny Depp, Ice Cube, Brad Pitt, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kanye West, Kurt Cobain, Leonardo DeCaprio, and many more stars have made goatees popular by wearing them well!

If you're looking to make an impact at work or school, then try one today!

Brad Pitt Goatee

What is the difference between a mustache and a goatee?

A mustache can be part of a goatee but is actually its own style. A mustache can be defined as hair that grows only on the upper lip, whereas goatees are any hair growth below your lower lip or chin, even though sometimes the mustache can connect to a goatee.

Mustache Vs Goatee

Is a goatee better than a beard?

They are not better or worse than beards; goatees and beards have their own unique appearance. If you are thinking about growing a goatee, go for it! But be prepared to commit. It takes some time and patience, but the result is well worth it. If you want to grow some facial hair but don't want to commit to a full beard, a goatee is a great option.

Give The Goatee a Shot Today

If you're looking for a new facial hairstyle, the goatee is a great option. We've provided some of our favorite tips to help you grow and groom your own goatee with this ultimate guide. Now that we've covered everything from how to start growing out your facial hair, through grooming it into a goatee, right down to trimming those stray hairs, there are only two things left for us to say – have fun!

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