Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys With Beards

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Guys with beards won't have a tough time looking for a Halloween costume this year, because today we're laying down nine cool suggestions on which costumes a bearded man should wear. Read on to get some solid inspo.

Halloween Threads for Guys With Beards


1. A Dwarven Warrior

In the world of fantasy tropes, you often see that guys with long, flowing beards are usually dwarves. Short, stout, and muscular AF, these guys are built like tanks. So, if you're a dude around 5 feet and built like an M1 Abrams, feel free to pick up a set of prop armor and a huge ax. Use Gimli as a reference and add a few more braids to your beard. Let's see if anyone try to screw with you at the Halloween party now.

2.  Post-Apocalyptic Badass



Most Halloween costume ideas for guys with beards require you to look clean. But, what if you wanted to come as the dirtiest mofo ever? Look no further than the Post-Apocalyptic Badass Halloween costume. Channel your inner Viggo Mortensen and find your dirtiest parka, nastiest backpack, and a prop gun. Make sure you try not to trim your beard for at least a week for that authentic, scraggly look.

If you're looking for a couple costume, try going as Joel and Tess from The Last of Us. Their costume requires a lot less work. You just need a bit of flannel and to roll around in the dirt for some much-needed dirtying-up.

3. Honest Abe


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Who better to go as this Halloween than the father of the greatest country on Earth? Take out your spiffiest black suit with matching tailcoat. Grab that top hat you've been saving just for this occasion. For added hilarity, bring along a prop ax and start telling people that you chopped their trees down. Make it even more authentic by only telling the truth that night. For example, if someone asks you how their costumes look, answer honestly. If it's good, say it's good. If it's bad, well...

4. The Dude



When it comes to lazy Halloween costumes for men, few would discount the titular Dude from The Big Lebowski. This man, with his constant thirst for White Russians and joints, is a pulp culture icon. The ensemble of bathrobe, wife beater, boxers, slip-on sandals, and Ray-Bans is iconic. It's an easily recognizable costume that doesn't take much to put together.

Shave your beard into a goatee and add temporary blonde highlights to your hair. Look for your rattiest bathrobe and put it over your "Sunday best," shall we say. If you're holding a party at your house, make sure you have a rug that really ties the room together for authenticity.

5. Bob Ross



Bring out your colorful side and be a "happy little accident" by going as Bob Ross this Halloween. He definitely belongs in the list of most recognizable guys with beards, which makes his costume super relatable. His look is an easy one to achieve, as long as you're willing to rock that 'fro. Put on a powder blue shirt, tight-fitting black jeans, and an afro wig. If you're willing to get a perm to get that 'fro, even better. Add a palette and brush, and you're good to go. If you want to go the extra mile, bring a face painting kit along and paint landscapes... on people's faces.

6. A Wizard


If you have a really, really long beard, you might want to consider going as a wizard this Halloween. Many wizards in pop culture have been portrayed as guys with beards - really long, really white beards. Figures such as Dumbledore, Gandalf, and Merlin all sport beautifully white beards as a symbol of their wisdom and power.

If that's your jam, pick out robes from your neighborhood costume shop (or Goodwill) and fashion a staff out of some wood you were going to chop for firewood. For the white beard, there are many products that can dye your hair for just a few hours without the need to actually bleach your hair. Pretty soon you'll be holding up lines at the bar, shouting "You shall not pass!"

7. Tough Biker Dude

Tough Biker Dude | Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys With Beards | halloween costumes for men

Leather everywhere and a rugged beard... is there anything cooler than guys with beards on bikes? Even if you don't own a hog yourself, you can still leather up and go as a biker this Halloween. While most Halloween costumes for guys that involve leather tend to go towards the... gimp-y side, this one definitely won't.

Order a cool biker helmet from Amazon and a secondhand biker jacket from Craigslist. A real retro one like a Hell's Angels jacket will score you extra points but isn't required. If a jacket isn't your thing, a leather vest with cool biker embroidery on the back is pretty good, too. Make sure to wear that vest shirtless and with pride. Complete the ensemble with steel-toed boots and tight-fitting leather pants. It's gonna be hot, but you're going to be, too.

8. Run, Forrest, Run



This particular scene in Forrest Gump may not be one of its most iconic, but it's definitely a very memorable one—that scene where Forrest just starts running and eventually leads a marathon across the country. He starts growing a scraggly beard that actually looks pretty darn good on Tom Hanks. It's a super easy costume to put together and will definitely get you some looks.

Some 80's-style running shorts, a gray t-shirt, and a sweatband complete this look. It's a super-lazy but super-effective costume for guys with beards. The reference isn't even obscure enough that people will have to keep guessing for five whole minutes just to figure out who you are. It's also a great way to show off how much you've grown your beard.

9. The Law

The Law | Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys With Beards | halloween costumes for guys

And now, something for our 'stache brothers. Nothing says "the fuzz" more than a fuzzy handlebar. And by "the fuzz," we mean so many things. You can go as a highway patrolman, an everyday officer, an old-school detective, and so much more. The beauty of cop-inspired costumes is they are made 100x better if you're rocking a mustache. If you want to really stand out, wear short-shorts instead of regular slacks. Put on some white cowboy boots to go with your police ensemble and be the life of the party.


Halloween is the one time in the year where you can dress however you want. If you're grooming a beard, you might as well choose a costume where your beard will stand out. Of course, these costumes are just suggestions. If you want to go as Princess Beardy, we won't stop you. In fact, we might even encourage it.

Who are you going as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments section.

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