How to Tame Or Get Rid of A Neck Beard | Guide for Neckbeards

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Untamed neckbeards can be unflattering. Here’s how you can get that hairy situation in order.

From Cringeworthy to Suave Neckbeards in 7 Easy Steps


How to Trim Away Neckbeards




Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

First, wash your beard so it goes back to its natural state, meaning you should wash away any styling gels, waxes, and conditioners you’ve applied beforehand.

Step 2: Dry Your Beard

Go get your hair dryer and switch it onto the lowest setting. Blow dry your beard. Again, never, ever trim your beard wet because wet hairs are always longer. You might cut more than you should when you trim it wet.

Step 3: Comb

Once your beard is dry, comb your beard to remove any kinks or tangles. This way you also unfurl any curled-up beard hairs under your jaw.

Step 4: Establish Your Bead Neckline

After all the beard grooming is finished, it’s time to establish your beard neckline. Find your Adam’s apple and place two fingers above it horizontally. The top of the topmost finger is where the midpoint of the beard neckline should be. It’s also the lowest point of your beard, at least in regards to how far new hairs should grow around your neck. Now imagine a curved line that goes from earlobe to earlobe with the center of the curve being that midpoint.

Step 5: Trim

Now that you have a sense of where the beard line is, get your hair trimmer and trim all the hairs under the imaginary curve of your beard neckline.

Step 6: Wash and Shave

Wash away any leftover loose hair and then pat your neck dry. Apply some shaving cream in that area and shave away the remaining hairs under the beard neckline.

Step 7: Sculpt

You should also take the time to carefully sculpt the hairs under your jaw to make sure they are of uniform length. Use the beard neckline as a guide to tame these hairs. You might want to use a pair of scissors instead of the hair trimmer especially if you’re growing a long beard instead of a neckbeard. Scissors will serve you well if your beard shape needs some layering where the hair under the chin is longer than the sides. Brush away bits of loose hair and you’re done.


3 Tips on Neckbeards You Need to Know

1. Go easy on the Trimming

Yes, an unkempt neckbeard looks bad, but if you overdo trimming it, your beard will lose the background patch that makes it look authentic. It will look like you’ve put on a tack-on beard instead of decidedly growing one. The hairs under your jaw and on your neck give your beard its strength.

Stick to scissors, use the beard neckline to guide your snips, and cut away at the hairs violating that line. You also need to make sure you trim the beard hairs hugging the corners of your jaw just right.

2. Blend Your Neck Beard In

By blending, it means the hairs on your neck within the neckline should be of equal length to the hairs on your face. This will not just tame your neckbeard, it will also turn it into a manicured, manly asset that gives heft to the rest of your facial hair.

3. Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Barber to Trim It for You

Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Barber to Trim It for You | How to Tame Or Get Rid of A Neck Beard | Guide for Neckbeards | neckbeard meme

In case you need help in trimming this part of your beard, you can always ask your barber to do it. Blending neckbeards with the rest of the ensemble can be difficult to master. But it is a skill your barber’s trained eye can identify and work wonders with.


Aside from the issue of wild neckbeards, there are other things that might give you problems when growing a beard. Here's a video on these pesky problems and how you can solve them:

The instructions in this article ought to help you put a stop to the neckbeard cringe before it happens. Once you master grooming and trimming this part, you’ll find the neckbeard will substantially add dimension to your entire beard and make your chin and jaw look stronger.

What do you think of our guide? What other areas regarding your beard you need to tame? Give us your answers in the comments section below so we can make a guide for you about it next time.

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