How to Trim a Long Beard: The Best and Worst Ways

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We've all had moments while looking in the mirror and thinking how much better our beard would look if it was trimmed. But how do you trim a long beard? It's not as easy as you might think since there are so many different beard styles. For this article, we will share how to trim a long beard in the best way. So read on and find out how you can keep your beard looking neat and tidy!

How long should you let your beard grow before trimming it?

It's generally recommended that you wait at least four weeks before trimming your beard. Growing it out will give you a better idea of your beard's natural shape and style. This will determine what beard shape and beard length you prefer. You will also decide if you want more of a bushy beard or a natural beard. 

If your beard hasn't grown out to your preferred length in that time, you may want to wait a bit longer or use a beard growth supplement to help stimulate hair growth. 

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Once you're ready to trim your beard, the best way to do it is with a pair of scissors. Trim the bottom and sides first to the same length, then move on to the mustache. Be careful not to cut too much off - you can always trim more, but you can't put hair back that's been cut off!

If you're not comfortable using scissors, you can also use a beard trimmer. Start by trimming the bottom and sides of your beard hairs, then move on to the mustache. Again, be careful not to cut too much off. You may want to start with a more extended setting and reduce it as needed.

Best Way

- Allow your beard to grow to the length that looks best on you and your face shape, and then trim it a little at a time.

Worst Way

- The worst thing you can do is trim your beard too much before it gets to your desired length. To keep it well kept while growing it out, use a beard brush, beard wash, and a few drops of beard oil frequently.

How do you trim and shape a long beard?

Trimming and shaping a beard is easy with these how-to steps.

1) Find the outline of your jawline by scraping away the hair under your chin.

2) Add hair accordingly to achieve symmetry or cover any bald patches on either side. Spend more time looking at how facial hair naturally grows out before you, not how it looks when it's short. You can start out using scissors to eliminate any scraggly hairs and then use clippers on your neckline and cheek lines.

3) Shape according to how long you want the beard to be--shorter for warmer months, longer for colder weather. You can even go stubbly if that's what makes you most comfortable! It will eventually grow into its natural shape over time with some trimming here and there once it reaches a certain length, so don't panic when it starts to get a little out of control.

How to trim a long beard

Best Way

- Start out using a beard comb, so it's all going in the same direction, and trim it following the outline of your jawline and natural cheek line. Once it is the correct length for you, you can shape it using beard oil and a beard brush to tame stray hairs.

Worst Way

- Don't just stop shaving when growing out your long beard. Once you decide on the overall length of your beard, make sure you maintain it by trimming and shaping it.

Should you trim your beard wet or dry?

This question is dependent on how you trim your own beard. If you like to use a beard trimmer and beard comb to make straight lines, it's best to do this when hair is dry and apply some product (like beard oil) onto the beard before starting.

Wet shaving is a process that involves using a shave brush and lather to soften the beard hair and create a protective barrier between the skin and the razor blade.

When done correctly, wet shaving can be very effective in removing hair from the face without causing irritation or razor burn. Many products on the market today can create a luxurious lather that helps with this process.

Best Way

- Figure out what works best for your facial hair and the skin beneath your beard. If you want a more defined cheek line, you might want to wet shave. A wet shave will give a closer shave. You may want to try a dry shave for a more natural look but avoid razor burn.

Worst Way

  • Never try to wet shave without applying a product that will protect you from razor burn.


How do you trim your long beard for the first time?

Imagine having a beard that's so long it gets in the way when you're eating. I know, I know, you haven't trimmed your beard in a while, and it's grown out of control. But now you have to trim it. What are the best methods? Can you use scissors, or is a trimmer needed to achieve the perfect look?

The key is to start trimming early, so you don't have a massive mess on your hands. It's easier to take off just a little bit at first, then gradually take more off as the hair grows out. 

Best Way

- Make sure you invest in a beard trimming kit, so you have all the tools needed to get the perfect long beard style.

Worst Way

-Avoid over-trimming by using scissors to get your desired look and then trim along the edges, depending on how your beard grows.

Should you trim your mustache when growing a beard?

It really depends on how you want to look. If you feel like your mustache is hiding your mouth, then trim it before you start growing your beard. By not trimming your mustache, you will have a more natural-looking full beard, or you can trim it for a more polished look.

How do you trim a Mustache with a long beard?

The best way to trim a mustache with a long beard is to find a good pair of scissors and some clippers and have them at it. You can use the clippers in various positions around your mouth and then the scissors for the hard-to-reach areas. The trailing ends of your mustache must be symmetrically trimmed.

Best Way

- Comb mustache, so it's laying flat and trim anything that hangs over the lip. Then use scissors to clean up any stray hairs.

Worst Way

-Trimming your mustache is not a quick job where you need to rush through it and get out the door as soon as possible. Make sure to take your time and be patient in finding the right shape for your face.

How do you trim a long mustache?

The first step to trimming your mustache is to understand that this is a process, and it will take some time to get it right. When you start the process of trimming your mustache, make sure you have the right tools. Use beard trimmers and an electric razor.

You may also need a magnifying mirror and some soap or shaving cream to see what you are doing. This is especially true if you're planning on trimming a mustache with a lot of volumes.

Best Way

- You will want to figure out the best type of mustache for your facial features and beard hair. Not everyone's facial hair grows in the same way. So you will want to trim your mustache a little at a time to figure out what style is best for you.

Worst Way

  • The worst way to trim your long mustache is to go in without a plan or the correct tools. Make sure you decide on your desired length before starting to cut away.

how to trim a long beard

Now you are ready to trim a long beard!

Like all other aspects of life, you should always do your best to keep your beard looking its finest. You may be thinking that learning how to trim a long beard is not as easy as it seems, but don't worry! We've got you covered, sharing how to do both the best and worst ways to help your beard look neat and tidy! If keeping your mane perfect at all times is essential to you, then the only thing to do now is check out our Ultimate Beard Kit that will help you keep your long beard style healthy and looking its best.



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