What is Beard Butter and How to Use It

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If you have a beard, you probably understand the importance of proper grooming. An unkempt beard can create a scraggly impression that few prospective partners are likely to approve of. A well-tended one, on the other hand, can render envious even the greatest of your adversaries in life. Along with shampoo and regular trimming, beard butter is an indispensable part of your beard-care toolkit. So, what is beard butter?

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Beard Basics

Before you advance to beard butter and other care products, you must attend to the basic needs of your facial hair. To encourage satisfactory growth, texture, and thickness, make sure you are eating properly, exercising, sleeping, and taking supplements. Though much of the thickness of your beard can be attributed to genetics, maximizing your testosterone through healthy behaviors can help you get the most out of what the gods gave you. 

What Is Beard Butter?

Facial hair butter or balm is designed to address the main problems most men face when they reach a certain stage in their growth process. These are:

  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Dandruff
  • Split ends
  • Itching
  • Roughness

Men develop facial itching and discomfort for a few different reasons. Some require attention and some don't. It is common, for example, for itching to develop in the early stages of beard growth when hairs are just long enough to reach around and poke the skin. This tends to go away after skin becomes accustomed to the presence of hairs.

Longer hair can cut off the skin's access to moisture in the air and prevent skin cells from falling away individually. You should use a product any time your beard is long enough to be considered full. Besides preventing discomfort, dandruff, and itching, butter can increase softness and create a lasting, pleasant smell.

How To Apply Beard Butter

A butter is meant to be applied evenly throughout the beard. To gather a sufficient amount, use a fingertip and heat the butter by rubbing it between your hands. When you have done this, there should be a thin layer left on your skin. Work the butter into your beard, making sure to cover the entire surface. If you have any areas on your face that are particularly itchy or bothersome, you can focus on these.

What Is Beard Butter Meant To Be Used With?

Although facial hair butter has a scent, it should be used in conjunction with an oil — just make sure the two scents are compatible. Because butters are a leave-in treatment for the feel of your beard and oils are meant mainly for softening hairs themselves, both products work together. Using the right amount of each can take a little practice, however. Be sure to wash at the end of the day. If you notice that your pillow is greasy in the morning, you are probably using too much.

So, what is beard butter? It's a critical tool for the advanced beard-wearer that can keep you feeling and looking your best. For all the butters, oils, and any other facial hair products you need, shop Wild Willies today.

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